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5 Benefits for Patients Using the Health Information Exchange

Here are some of the benefits of using the Health Information Exchange electronically.
Modern Times Apr 4, 2019
The positive uses of the health information exchange organization to provide you with your medical records electronically and instantly.

Finding an easy to use search engine for acquiring health information is very important.

Doctors, patients and other medical care providers can access it to share medical history.

This collective network is vital for storing all your medication and history which can decrease the time spent filling out the same paperwork and it can also be helpful during a medical emergency.

Benefits of Health IT

As a patient, you can get free access to your medical records in just a few seconds. You don’t have to worry about tests and procedures being repeated.

This cuts down cost for the health care institutions and for you. If you don’t recall getting a specific test down, now you can pull up the information instantly.

Help the Environment

Going paperless can reduce the amount of clutter in your home and office. It also benefits the effect on the environment by reducing waste and saving millions of trees.

It is also easier to keep your information in one place without carrying a folder filled with documents such as family medical history, medications and allergies, and surgeries.

Fast and Secure Payments

If you are a day or two away from missing a payment, you can easily call or go online to pay the bill. You can also avoid accidentally tossing out important documents with discarded junk mail. If you are away and your mail came at home, you can be charged a late fee as the due date is missed.

List of Services

The HIE has resources to obtain specialists and prenatal care for you. There are also lists of providers, so that you can find the right doctor for you. Or you can see if your current doctor is on the list.

From expectant mothers to those seeking elderly care, this network works with private and government health agencies.

Answers at Your Fingertips Anywhere

Healthcare service is available anytime, anywhere for you. If you are on vacation and need medical attention, the HIE is there in the US and in many countries overseas to help you. Medical staff will be able to treat you efficiently and correctly.
This convenient medical network was created to hold an array of services, doctors, and medical care with a simple swipe or click of a mouse. No more duplicate tests, unnecessary screenings, etc. And health services you can carry with you through your phone or any computer system.