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5 of the Latest Trends in Health and Beauty

Kevin Devoto Nov 26, 2019
Every year, new beauty and health trends always break into the market, and no matter how strange they seem, they grow popular for a reason. Here are some of the newest trends that range from restrictive diets to drastic but attractive beauty measures.

Lunch Break Liposuction

Liposuction has been a popular way for patients to rid themselves of stubborn fat in a quick and easy way for the past few decades, but recent innovations in the field have made the process even faster. Rather than scary surgical procedures, this type of liposuction involves much less invasiveness.
And which is why the doctor who pioneered it has said that it can be completed during your lunch break, and return to work afterward. Liposuction has filtered down to the masses as more innovation permeates the field, and it is now a common procedure, rather than something that only celebrities and the rich can afford.

Botox for Hair

When one thinks of botox, the mind immediately jumps to fillers that help restore the smoothness of skin as you age. However, one of the growing trends in beauty this year is hair botox treatment. The aim of hair botox is to help restore health and vitality to damaged hair.
The term botox may be a misnomer for this type of treatment as it does not contain the traditional chemicals used for botox. It is similar to a treatment that moisturizes your hair with nutrients that will nurture and feed your hair what it needs to stay healthy. The ingredients are safer, natural than many other treatments used to keep strands smooth.

Freckle Tattoos

A feature sought by many who do not have it freckles and one of the most interesting innovations in micro-blading is freckle tattoos. This involves artists who make miniature cuts in the skin on the faces of clients and create tiny freckles. It usually do not look natural when the procedure is completed. After several days, you can get most authentic look.
Because those who develop freckles naturally, outside of genetics, usually acquire them from sun damage, the micro-blading is a much safer alternative for many patients who still want the freckled cheeks and nose.

Septum Piercings

Another unique trend, in the category of jewelry, is the septum piercing, which is jewelry, usually a ring pierced in between the nostrils rather than on one side, like a traditional nose piercing. One advantage of septum piercings is that they are more easy to hide if your workplace is stricter with facial piercings or you want a more simplistic look.
Additionally, there will not be noticeable scarring or a visible hole if you decide to take the piercing out completely after it has healed. Be sure to follow aftercare instructions from your piercer if you decide to get a septum piercing.

Whole 30 Diet

There are always new fad diets floating around that claim to be the cure-all for easy weight loss while following strict guidelines. One of the latest is the ever-growing Whole 30 plan, which advocates for eliminating all processed foods from your regular diet, as well as dairy, soy, legumes, and grains.
Although many can consider this too restrictive, all of the allowed foods are healthy and contain fewer calories and bad ingredients than a normal diet, so it can be extremely helpful for those trying to get their meal plan back on track. Many have shown success in doing the Whole 30 regimen.
Although trends come and go, it is always interesting to see which ones emerge as advances in beauty and health occur. With this information, you are sure to stay informed as to what you should be looking into next in order to stay on top of everything that is happening.