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5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Paisley Hansen Jan 10, 2020
No one likes being sick. Building a strong immune system can be a preventative measure in fighting disease. If you're body is better at staving off viruses and bacteria, you're less likely to catch that cold that's been going around the office. If you're trying to boost your immunity, check out these five recommendations for jump starting your immune system.

1. Listen to Your Gut

The healthier your gut is, the better your body can be at getting rid of disease quickly. A good way to get your gut health in order is by taking supplements that restore digestive health, like Lectin Shield. Products like these may help restore the natural flora in your gut, which can strengthen your body's natural defenses.

2. Shake Off Stress

Being stressed out takes a big toll on your body and mind. A lowered immune system is one of the biggest ways that stress weakens your body. Specifically, your body has a harder time defending against antigens, which are toxic or foreign substances that enter the body and trigger a response from the immune system.

3. Rest Up

If you want a good immune system, don't wait to sleep until you're dead. Make it a priority to get enough rest. There's more to sleeping well than sleeping enough, though. Actually, the quality of your sleep can be just as important as the quantity. For example, if you wake up frequently at night, you may still feel tired or weak throughout the day.

4. Go Meatless

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can also raise your immunity. Foods that are high in fiber aid in proper digestion, which can improve the function of antibodies produced in the intestines. To get more fruits and vegetables in your diet, try excluding meat from one or two meals per day. Eat high fiber, high protein foods.

5. Get Some Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D has been associated with autoimmune dysfunction and an increased susceptibility of infection. Without enough vitamin D, the body may have trouble producing T-cells, which are your main defense against infection. T-cells need vitamin D to activate, and without it, they aren’t able to finish the process.

Getting Healthy, Staying Healthy

To really get the benefits of these immune boosters, they must become habitual. Try the five strategies above for at least 30 days. Your body's immunity is likely to become stronger over time. It may not happen overnight, but sticking with a routine that supports your immune system could be the best way to make long lasting improvement to your immune system.