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Back Pain When Breathing

Aakash Singh May 12, 2019
Experiencing back pain while breathing is mostly related to a muscle injury. It can be severe if not treated on time. Read on to find out more.
It is indeed surprising to know that breathing can at times cause pain. Breathing is a passive process which keeps us alive. However, certain conditions can cause severe backache while breathing. It can be very disturbing both physically and psychologically.
Back pain when breathing is a clear indication of muscular backache. When injured, the back muscles become very sensitive to movement, hence with any rigorous movement you can experience pain. The breathing process also involves back muscles.
The lower back muscles are in close coordination with the diaphragm and lower chest and the upper back muscles with the upper chest. Hence, if one experiences muscle ache in the back, because of this breathing coordination, the pain increases if the muscles get disturbed.


☛ Back pain is probably one of the most common problems people face today. It may be because of our sedentary lifestyle. We tend to sit for long during office hours where we spend most of our time, exercise less, eat more, and are becoming more mechanical.
☛ Back muscles are involved in the breathing process, so if these get strained or pulled, it causes backache. It is also known as a muscle spasm. Hence, if the right back muscle is pulled, a person will experience pain in that area. Same applies for the muscles of the middle, upper, and left region.
☛ A bone injury or bone ache may also cause such a pain. Hence, a heavy physical activity or trying to lift a heavy weight, than what your body can actually take, can cause severe muscle ache.
☛ Another cause is psychosomatic back pain. It is actually a psychological condition because of which one experiences backache. Over here, there is no physical exertion but then mentally, because of stress or some other reason, the patient experiences pain in the back while breathing. The pain is for real, but it's not caused because of a physical activity.
☛ Tension myositis syndrome may also result in backache. It is also a type of psychological problem.


☛ Treatment mostly involves resting the back muscles and spine. You will be recommended not to strain the back bones, muscles, or spine.

☛ Allow it to rest for a few days or even months. Any physical strain on an already strained muscle will simply worsen the matter.
Later, your doctor may prescribe some medication depending on your recovery status. So, it is vital to avoid taking too much stress, perform mild exercises like walking and swimming regularly, maintain a good posture, and engage in yoga. Apart from these, you may opt for a few other additional therapies like acupuncture, massage and other natural remedies.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.