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Bed Bug Bite Symptoms and Treatment

How to Identify Bed Bug Bite - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

This write-up gives you some bed bug bite symptoms and treatment so that if you find your skin itching with rashes all over it, you do not mistake it to be some other skin infection.
Anannya Saikia
Last Updated: Aug 21, 2018
Bed bugs are tiny, oval insects, which cannot fly and belong to the insect family Cimicidae. They have flat bodies that reach up to 5-7 mm in length in their adulthood and are orange-brown in their color. They are so named because of the preference of their habitat, e.g., mattresses, sofas, etc.
They feed by sucking on the blood of humans and animals and are mainly active at night. Their bites are usually itchier than that of a mosquito, and can be felt only after a period of one hour.
This happens due to the presence of anesthetics in their saliva, which prevents clotting of blood. This helps in the sucking of blood without interruption. Some bed bug bite symptoms and treatments are given in the paragraphs here.
These are one of the insect bite rashes, which can usually be sensed after one hour of the bite. But to some people, it is only after a few days or even after a few weeks that the rashes appear, and it is determined by the body's reaction to the chemicals present in the bugs' saliva.
To identify the rash, it is a small, red and round bump, almost similar to that of a mosquito bite, but it swells more. Slowly, the rash spreads all over, which is an indication that you have fallen prey to those disgusting bugs.
Again, in some cases, the rash may look similar to a bite mark in sequence. This especially happens to people who constantly move when they are sleeping. They quickly run back to their hiding places as soon as they notice movement around them.
Some people may experience allergy resulting from bed bugs. It is not quite an allergy, but an irritant effect to the insect bites. Though most of the people are not vulnerable to this allergy, there are instances of anaphylaxis, which occurs as a result of these bites.
Whenever you suspect that a particular rash is a bug bite, examine it for a few days. Generally, there is itching for a number of days together if it is so. And unlike a mosquito bite, it remains swollen for weeks together and does not heal quickly.
► One of the best preventive measure and cure is calamine lotion. Apply calamine lotion as a preventive as well as a cure. It is quite cheap and readily available over the counter.

► In case you don't find calamine lotion, apply an antiseptic cream. It will reduce the swelling as well as the itchiness.
► Before you start anything, it is always better to consult a doctor for further advice. With these precautionary measures, you are sure to live a bug free life for the rest of your life.
► Wash thoroughly all your sheets and dust your pillows and furniture. The washing should be done in the hottest possible setting ever. When you have finished with them, spray generously either with one of those bed cover sprays or with a strong perfume.
► Before you go to bed, apply a body lotion with a strong fragrance all over the body. This will help in preventing the bugs from smelling human flesh and blood. Since the bugs are blind, this technique will confuse them temporarily. But remember, that you should apply a really generous amount of the lotion.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.