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Bloodshot Eyes After Wearing Contacts

Bloodshot Eyes After Wearing Contacts

Many a time, one may notice bloodshot eyes after wearing contacts. If you are wondering why do eyes become bloodshot after trying on contacts, then read further for information...
Marlene Alphonse
Wearing contacts has become a necessity rather than the 'in thing' (as seen during the earlier times) these days. Many people, especially youngsters are opting for contact lenses over spectacles. Apart from being easy to wear, you can also comfortably change the color of your eyes, making a style statement. Eyes are sensitive organs and must be cared for accordingly. While choosing contacts, make sure that you choose a comfortable one and do not irritate the cornea. When wearing contact lens for the very first time, you may feel uncomfortable and be unable to focus properly. This may last for a short while till you get accustomed to the lens. However, in some cases this discomfort may continue, which can mean that there is something wrong with either the lens or the eyes.

Though contact lens can be worn easily, you need to exercise proper care or else you will end up contracting unwanted infections, which will leave you with bloodshot eyes. Contacts should be handled in a delicate manner, since they are fragile and may get damaged easily. Using damaged contact lens without knowledge can take a toll on the eye's health and cause a number of problems. Bloodshot eyes is a common issue that can be seen in most contact lens users. Sometimes the redness may stay for a longer period of time. In some cases red eyes are accompanied by pain, irritation and watering. If you are experiencing a similar problem, then it may be an indication of some infection or you may have to change the contact lens. Frequent replacement of the contact lenses can help avoid problems related to the eyes and vision. If you want to avoid bloodshot eyes after removing contacts or wearing them, then consult an ophthalmologist regarding the same.

Causes of Red Eyes After Wearing Contacts

Ophthalmologists around the world advise practicing proper hygiene while wearing and removing contacts to avoid eye irritation and other problems. There can be several reasons why our eyes may turn red after wearing or removing contact lenses. It is essential to address the issue in the initial stages to prevent it from intensifying and resulting in unwanted complications. Here are some of the factors which are responsible for bloodshot eyes after using contact lenses.
  • Owing to dust and pollution, the contact lenses tend to get dirty. Improper storage can also cause accumulation of debris on the lens. Wearing such affected lens can lead to irritation in the eyes, causing it to redden and appear bloodshot.
  • Another cause of bloodshot eyes after using contacts is an allergic reaction to the lens or the solution in which it is kept. Some eyes may be sensitive to the material of the lens. In such a case, it is advisable to consult the physician who may prescribe lens made out of a different material which may suit your eyes.
  • A healthy oxygen supply is essential for the proper functioning of the entire body, including the eyes. Sometimes, this can be hampered due to the presence of contacts, a condition referred to as corneal neovascularization. Obstructed oxygen flow can cause the eyes to redden and become irritated.
  • Dehydration due to soft contact lens leads to the drying of eyes. Dry eyes can be a very uncomfortable condition which may be felt as a pricking sensation, since the moisture content in the eyes reduces. This common complaint can be addressed by switching the type of lens worn by the user.
  • An underlying infection in the cornea, in the absence of treatment may intensify and surface. Wearing contact lens on top of the affected lens can lead to chronic eye infections. Corneal edema and ulcers may also irritate the eyes and cloud vision. A lapse in treating this on time can lead to permanent blindness.
Follow proper safety measures and other precautions while using contact lenses. Never compromise with the health of your eyes, since it may affect vision. Consult an ophthalmologist, if you experience itchy and red eyes from wearing contacts, who may suggest bloodshot eyes treatment methods for relief from this issue. Hope you found this brief overview on bloodshot eyes after wearing contacts to be informative. Take care!