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Bonding Teeth Pros and Cons

Dr. Sumaiya Khan May 6, 2019
Bonding teeth is an exciting treatment option for stains or loss of structure of front teeth. Read on to know all about the various factors that affect the bonding teeth pros and cons. One should consider all these points before going in for this treatment to get best results.
Bonding teeth is a procedure that has become a mainstay of cosmetic dentistry. Although this process ideally refers to the application and use of veneers on teeth, it is also commonly used to connote the placement of resin tooth colored filling material.
One can say that this is a procedure done as a part of aesthetic dentistry to repair or fix broken teeth with tooth colored restoration materials or veneers. This is a much favored option for dentists and patients alike, worldwide, there are certain bonding teeth pros and cons that need to be taken into consideration before going in for this procedure.

Bonding Teeth Pros


One of the most important advantages of bonding teeth is aesthetics. Many people tend to get very conscious of their smile if it isn't perfect. People who have suffered from an accident due to which they have frontal teeth which are chipped or discolored in particular tend to get very conscious about their smile. 
Hence, for such people, this is a very good option. Furthermore, for people who have slight caries on the facial surface of front teeth will also benefit from an aesthetic tooth colored restoration. In such cases, resin fillings are an ideal option.

Quick Treatment Option

Normally, when it comes to bonding teeth, especially during placement of resin fillings, there is hardly any time required for the procedure and it doesn't take more than one sitting. Thus, for people who want instant results or have an embarrassing chipped front tooth for which they need a quick-fix yet permanent treatment, this is the ideal option.


This process is a reasonably affordable treatment option when compared to crowns, bridges, and implants.

Bonding Teeth Cons

High Chances of Staining

One of the most important disadvantages of bonding teeth is the high chance of staining of resin restorations, especially when placed on the facial surface of front teeth.
People who regularly drink coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks have high chances of staining the restoration, due to which it will require replacement on a regular basis, which will only end up increasing the cost of the treatment. Furthermore, there might also be development of stains on teeth in people who use mouth rinses frequently. 
As resin structure is not as compact as silver amalgam, there are high chances of recurrent caries, which may lead to further tooth decay. After this procedure, one cannot go for teeth whitening methods like beaching as it may change the color of other teeth without any change in the veneer or resin filling, leading to a very mismatched appearance of teeth.


It is proven that silver amalgam fillings are the best when it comes to withstanding forces. They can take far more stress than a tooth colored filling. This is often why when tooth colored fillings are done on the incisal edges of teeth, they require regular touch ups and sometimes replacements, because they either get worn out or chipped. 
This is the reason that when a person gets fillings done on incisal edges he is asked to practice extra caution, like not bite into apples or hard substances, etc.
Even veneers can only manage a certain amount of the stress and strain that they are subjected to. Thus, the option of bonding teeth is not a very good idea for people who are careless or who do not have very good dental health.

Loss of Tooth Structure

Before placement of the bonding material, the dentist needs to isolate the tooth and then acid etch it, after which the material is placed in or on the tooth. Acid etching leads to slight loss of tooth structure, which may cause other problems like increased susceptibility to fracture of restoration, hypersensitivity of teeth, etc.
Although this is an ideal option for a lot of people with visible tooth discolorations on the front teeth, one should get their cause of discoloration or loss of tooth structure properly diagnosed before going in for one of the best options in dentistry - bonding teeth.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.