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A Quick Guide on Choosing a Color for Your Braces Using a Selector

Smita Pandit Jun 18, 2019
Dental braces are recommended for the structural and cosmetic improvement of teeth. Braces color selector is a tool that can help you choose the color of the rubber ties. Provided here is more information about the braces color selector.
Not all of us are blessed with beautiful, pearly white teeth. For those who yearn for a beautiful smile, there is no other option but to embrace the braces. While you might be stuck with them for sometime, and feel conscious about the way you look, here's something that will make you feel better.
All you need to do is take a look at the braces color selector and decide which color would you want on the braces. It is surely a nice way to make those boring metallic braces look better.

Orthodontic Braces

Protruding teeth can affect one's smile, and that's why braces are used for correcting such dental irregularities. Braces are made of metallic or ceramic brackets, arch wire, bonding adhesive, and elastic ligature.
The bonding adhesive is used for attaching the brackets to the teeth and the elastic ligature is used for fixing the arch wire to the brackets. If you are willing to shell out more money, you could completely do away with the brackets by sporting invisible braces.
However, if you have metallic brackets, you will need to use a particular type of toothbrush. One way to look cool is to use colored elastic ties or ligatures. Many orthodontists have an interactive braces color picker that can help you decide on a color for the elastic ligatures.

Color Selector for Braces

The use of colorful elastic ligatures can tone down the effect of metallic brackets. You can consult your orthodontist to find out about the collection of colors available with him/her. In fact, many orthodontists are using the color picker.
This allows the person using the braces to decide the color of rubber band or elastic ligature. A wide variety of colors can be selected.
These include lavender, screaming pink, radical red, gray, yellow, magenta, purple, orange, neon, and white. You can check the Internet for the color selector. There are many websites wherein you can select a color and see how it looks.
You can select different options in order to apply different patterns. There is no need to restrict yourself to one color. One of the biggest problems with this dental treatment is that food often gets stuck in the brackets. If you use a white rubber band, food debris and stains might become more evident. So, it would be best to select darker shades.
If your orthodontist doesn't have the color picker, you can always take a printout to show him the colors you want. However, keep in mind, that getting the ligature changed every now and then, might mean shelling out more money.
Most kids worry about being ridiculed due to braces. However, if you need to undergo this treatment, then it would be best to make them look better with colorful elastic ligatures . So, add a dash of color to your braces and get ready to smile!