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Braces Pain Remedies

Nicks J Jun 18, 2019
Braces pain remedies generally involve the use of painkillers, application of dental wax and avoiding foods that trigger pain.
Wearing braces for teeth has its own benefits. It helps to improve facial appearance and oral health. People with misaligned teeth are often asked to wear braces to get that 'perfect smile'. However, after wearing new braces, they often experience pain in their mouth. The components of the braces come in contact with the gums, actually triggers the pain.
The brackets scrape against the gum causing further irritation. The mouth getting infected with sores after getting braces is also common. There is no doubt that new braces hurt but the discomfort is temporary. It is just matter of few days that one will have mouth pain with new braces.

Braces Pain Remedies


In order to ease the pain, many times dentists suggest using salt water solution to rinse the mouth daily. This is one of the remedies for brace pain that has worked in favor of patients.


Use of pain relievers can work wonders to reduce the discomfort associated with new braces. Pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can bring about considerable relief from pain. One may also be required to tighten the braces. Taking these painkillers an hour before the tightening sessions can help to cope up with the pain.


People who develop mouth sores can have a negative impact on the appetite. Braces pain usually erupts while chewing foods. Consumption of hot foods is known to aggravate pain. Instead, one can go for cold or soft foods when it comes to taking lunch or dinner. Ice cream, yogurt or smoothies are the best options. 
The "coldness" of these foods plays a crucial role to numb the pain. Foods like carrots or crunchy foods can cause misalignment of braces. One can also consult a orthodontist to know about the special foods that assist to lessen hurt.

Dental Care

Brushes that have hard bristles can also increase the pain. Brushing too hard is also not advised as it can damage teeth. Hence, a soft bristle brush is also recommended for those who have just started wearing new braces.
However, brushing has to be done thoroughly so that food particles do not remain stuck up in between the wires.

Dental Wax

The gums, and the inner cheek that are in contact with the wires of the braces can cause soreness in the mouth. An easy way to subside the pain is to apply some amount of dental wax on the brackets. Waxing the surface of the brackets (between the wires) helps to lessen the discomfort.
This is one of the best ways to keep cheeks and gums away from the sharp edges of wires and brackets. It could help in preventing mouth sores. These dental waxes are affordable at a price around $1.75 to $6. They come in various flavors, the most popular being the mint flavor that soothes the pain. This product is a delicious remedy for braces pain relief.