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Can Humans Get Fleas?

Many people often wonder whether human beings can get fleas. We will try to answer this question for you in this article.
Mrunmayi Deo
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
If you have a cat or a dog at your place, you might be aware that flea infestation is the commonest health issue that affects your furry friends. These tiny creatures are abundantly present around us and especially love to reside in animal fur. While grooming, there are high chances that your pet might get infected and a cause nuisance. These insects multiply in great numbers and hence their control becomes mandatory in such a situation.
We have to first of all understand what exactly fleas are. These insects have been known to exist for about 55 million years now and are characterized by tiny structure and bristles. The number of bristles and the physical appearance varies according to the species concerned, and they feed on blood of animals and humans. There is only one species, namely Pulex irritans, which resides in humans, preferably in hairy parts. Research says that the fleas infecting humans prefer staying in the pubic hair than on the head. But for your information, it can reside in other animals as well, and hence, the infection is mostly the result of transmission.
Leaving the one species mentioned above, all the other species reside on animal hair and fur coats. These are extremely minute, and to know by yourself whether they have infested your dear pet would require you to pay close attention to its behavior. Generally, flea infestation is followed by a lot of skin irritation and scratching, so watch out for these signs in your pet.
Fleas generally prefer animal blood over human, hence there are less chances of you getting the infection. However, if the flea is supposedly acting as a vector, then you might get infected with animal infections, like rabies or plague to name just a few. So, you could call the fleas vectors for transmitting the infection to the human body. Simply put, if you are in too much contact with any infected animal, you are bound to get the fleas onto you. Though these insects won't be harmful, they would certainly cause threats like rashes or allergies if not taken care of at the right time.
Now, imagine that your pet has been infested with the fleas. Then what? First of all, don't panic, and make sure that the infection has occurred through fleas. Then, go for the appropriate treatment measures as suggested by the vet. Just take the necessary precautions and you will be safe.