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Causes and Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Priya Shetty Sep 27, 2019
Long-lasting lower back pain may be distressing and occurring on each side. The pain can come as sharp, pounding pain and lasting as a painful ache.Here is the solution for it!
Persistent pain in the lower back can be distressing and can occur on any side. The pain can come in sharp stinging pain and disappear or gradually grow and remain dull.
The suffering depends on the individual, and the therapy depends on the cause. It is not always nice to prevent suffering and let it heal itself, a physiotherapy or operation can be helpful sometimes.


1. Damage of Soft Tissue

It occurs due to overuse or sprain in the ligament of bones in the lower back. This causes swelling creating muscle spasm and discomfort.

Injury triggered by sudden exercise or heavy items being lifted with a jerk leads to this sort of pain.

2. Damage of Spinal Column

  • A backbone stenosis occurs when room of spinal cord decreases and spine and nerves are pressured. It needs medicines like anti-inflammatory non-steroid medicine, steroid injection, physiotherapy or operation.
  • One of the triggers of reduced left back pain is intervertebral disk degeneration. It occurs when the disk supporting the bones or vertebras is degenerated. This usually occurs on the lower back. It creates friction, causing pain.
  • Steroids, physiotherapy, medicines and surgery can be used as treatment.

3. Organ Issues (Internal Damage)

Lower left back pain is often caused by internal organ problems. This may be caused by abdominal or pelvic organs of your internal parts or by the center of organs.
An assessment demonstrates that kidneys, pancreas, lung or uterus can also be a reason. One of the common factors for persistent pain may be kidney stone. For women, these problems may lead to menstrual or gynecological problems.
However, individuals who feel nauseous, dizzy and breathless, fever or discomfort should consider instant medical assistance.


One of the most significant methods to ensure to reduce your pain is to have a good sleep. A break from the tough activities is a good way to get rid of them for a day or two.
In addition medicines that treat inflammations can be useful. However, medication directed by a doctor is always suggested.
Ice and heat treatment can often reduce the pain. As ice packing lowers inflammation, heat packs soothe muscles and boost blood flow. In emergency, however, a doctor should be consulted.
If things are not cured anyway, surgery or other alternatives may be recommended. Visit the best neurologist in Chennai who can do complex spinal surgeries successfully. Visit Fortis Malar Hospital Chennai for more information.