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Dark Spots on Legs: Causes and Remedies

Palmira S Nov 20, 2018
Dark spots on legs could be caused by a bug bite or it may indicate skin disorders such as eczema. Here, we discuss the possible causes of this condition, along with some treatment measures.
Dark spots discerned on the legs, is a skin disorder and is referred to as hyperpigmentation in scientific nomenclature. Most of the time, dark spots are harmless and don't cause any ill effects. Before starting the treatment of dark spots, knowing the actual reason is a must. Various conditions are responsible for the development of dark spots on the legs.

What to Do for Dark Spots on Legs?

• You can apply oil rich in vitamin E. The oil helps lighten the dark spots within a couple of weeks or at the most, a month. Similar benefits can be attained with cocoa butter.
• Applying pure lemon will help if the dark spots are not very intense. Lemon consists of natural acids that help in dark spots to fade.
Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar, lemon and horseradish root and apply it to the spots with the help of a cotton swab. This will bleach the skin and help in changing the color of the spots to normal.
• Creams containing vitamin C, antioxidants or hydroquinone are highly effective against dark spots on legs. Massage the skin well for it to be effective. Skin bleaching creams might help as well.

• Some people opt for laser treatment for the removal of dark spots on their legs.
• Using chemical peels to lighten dark spots may work wonders and improve your condition drastically. B-hydroxide peel is another form of peel that consists of salicylic acid, which reduces pigmentation.
• Microdermabrasion is a recent resort to strip dark spots off your limbs.

• Religious application of a sunblock helps in accelerating the process of dark spot reduction.

Causal Factors

  • Most of the time, dark spots can be observed as a result of aging.
  • Eczema, a skin condition, can also cause dark spots.
  • Bug bites are responsible for these kinds of spots.
  • It has been observed that excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays causes the spots.
  • Genetic sensitivity can also be tagged as one of the reasons.
  • Psoriasis is an incurable skin disease, which flares up on the scalp, trunk, arms, and legs, producing dark spots, the size of teardrops.
  • Excess accumulation of melanin in a particular area of the leg is responsible for the spots at times.
  • Presence of excess iron in the blood stream can be a reason for these dark spots.
  • Developing skin allergy to certain products can be a major reason. Usage of certain creams can cause dark spots if it doesn't your skin.
Note: At times, these dark spots might bleed. This is an indication that these spots are cancerous; hence, they should be treated immediately.
While going out, make sure that you apply a sunscreen lotion to your legs which will protect them from the ultraviolet rays. Also, have a healthy diet, drink lots of water and consume fruits. Thus, one must get rid of the dark spots as soon as possible as they not only mar the beauty of the legs but can be the root of some severe ailment as well.
Disclaimer: The information provided is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.