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Effects of Dehydration

Shashank Nakate May 4, 2019
A minor problem in its initial stages, dehydration may be fatal if not addressed in time. Moreover, it results into many medical complications in the body. Read on to know about the harmful effects of dehydration.
A state in which the body becomes deficient of water in comparison to other solutes is known as dehydration. The body exhibits many different symptoms or effects in response to this condition. The consequences of dehydration are listed here. The details presented here would help us understand the seriousness of this health problem.


Rheumatoid joint pain or arthritis is one of the many effects of dehydration. It causes pain in the joints. The problem can be cured by intake of enough water and salts. One shouldn't rely only on medications such as pain killers to solve the problem. The medicines might in fact, make the patient more vulnerable.


When the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract undergoes dehydration, it results into a state called heartburn. If the heartburn is treated in an incorrect manner, i.e., by consuming antacid tablets, the problem aggravates further, and causes various problems such as hiatal hernia, ulceration, and the inflammation of stomach.


A person who doesn't intake or drink enough water, might suffer from migraines. It might cause minor problems such as inflammation of the eyes. Migraine that is not addressed on time, might result into state in which the patient loses his eyesight.


It is a medical condition which results from the dehydration of the lungs. Water intake though, cures the problem, however, it is advisable to seek medical supervision.

Back Pain

Dehydration of the spinal column might cause back pain. In this medical condition, water cushions present in the spinal column face get dehydrated.


When the body doesn't get enough water, its systems act accordingly and try to close the passage of water vapor out of the body. It may result into a complicated state of the body that leads to the development of asthma. The problem is seen in those people who suffer from dehydration for a long time.


It is a medical condition which causes pain in the large gut. Dehydration results in the patient suffering from such problems. The intestine tries to absorb water from the excreta to counter the problem. This reduces lubrication in the intestines and causes pain.

Adult-onset Diabetes

Adult-onset diabetes is caused by dehydration. The body responds to the loss of water by reducing the secretion of insulin. Insulin, if secreted in normal proportions, supplies water to all the cells of the body and the important organs like the brain suffer from water loss.


Rise in the cholesterol level in the body is another effect of dehydration. Cholesterol acts as a shield to prevent water loss by cells.

High Blood Pressure

Rise in blood pressure is one of the important and harmful effects of dehydration. When the body loses lots of water, the fluids necessary for the regular functioning of the important organs need to be maintained.
Thus, the process of reverse osmosis helps the important organs to get enough water. The reverse osmosis process puts immense pressure on the blood vessels which results into the rise in blood pressure.
Dehydration thus, is the cause of many harmful problems of the body. Care should be taken to avoid this condition, in order to live a healthy life.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.