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Elbow Tendonitis Exercises

Medha Godbole Apr 23, 2019
Elbow tendonitis is a condition when the muscle tendons attached to the elbow joint are swollen due to extreme stress or repetitive action performed by the elbow. Naturally, these two things can take a toll on the elbow. It is bound to show some signs of wear and tear due to overuse.

Forearm Extensor Stretch

For this exercise, first position your hand straight in front of your body. Bend the wrist so that your fingers are pointing to the ground. Now, with the other hand, gently push your palm towards your body.
In case you want to stretch more, make a fist instead of leaving the fingers lose. Do this approximately within the intervals of 3 hours, at least thrice, for a duration of around 40 seconds.

Forearm Flexor Stretch and Supination

Stretch your arm straight in front of your body, with the palm facing upwards. Now, bend the wrist, such that the palm faces outwards and the fingers point down. Use other hand for pushing your fingers towards your body. It will create a tension in the forearm. Hold the position for around 30 seconds or so once you feel an adequate stretch in the forearm.

Arm Stretch

Stand at arm's length from the wall, with the back of the hand on the wall and fingers pointing down. Induce a stretch by pressing against the hand gently. Do this twice or thrice a day, whenever you get time.

Strengthening Tendons with Weights

Have a light weighing thing at your disposal. Then, for performing this exercise, hold the weight in your hands with your thumb pointing up. Then twist or turn your wrist inward and then outward as much as you can. Remember that while doing this, only your wrist should move, akin to hammering a nail.

Hand Squeeze

Hold a tennis ball in your hand, and then squeeze the ball firmly. Hold it for three seconds. Do this till you feel a slight tiring sensation in your muscles. But make sure that you do not induce pain.
Do not forget to massage your elbow by rubbing the affected area for a few minutes after working out. You can also apply an ice pack to it. This is very important, because just as you have stretched the tendons and muscles, you need to sooth the tired muscles as well.
These exercises are ultimately all about strengthening the muscles and giving them flexibility. If the reasons are something other than just exertion of the tendons; for example, infection of the bursa, then along with these you might need to take medication too.