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List of Extreme Plastic Surgery Procedures

Puja Lalwani Feb 28, 2019
Plastic surgery has evolved so much that, now people employ it even to clear minor body defects, even though earlier it was used primarily to correct major defects in one's appearance.
Plastic surgery is no longer only a solution to repair scars on the body. No one suggested that you must have a major 'defect' in your body to be eligible to undergo this procedure. One may just want to 'enhance' the way he looks. In fact, with a desire for perfection, people now take a recourse to extreme makeovers.
In some cases, the makeover may be drastic, but in others the transformation progresses gradually, and you may not notice how much you have changed, until you see the 'before and after' pictures. Take a look at these procedures, that mainly women are undergoing in their quest for a flawless body.

Newer Dimensions to Older Procedures

You've all heard about breast implants and tummy tucks, liposuction, and nose jobs. Now it has reached newer heights, attained newer dimensions, and redefined everything that comprised it.

For Knees

People resort to this surgery called 'knee lift' for younger looking, plump knees. A procedure that started to enhance the cheeks of those who were suffering from AIDS, has become a miraculous solution for saggy, worn out knees.
A volumizing injection is given in the knees to make them look plump and young. Actresses such as Nicole Kidman and Demi Moore have resorted to this procedure.

Pillows for the Feet

To be able to wear those gorgeous 8 inch stilettos without collapsing, cosmetic surgeons have found a solution. Botox is injected in the balls of the feet that cushions them, drastically reduces the pain caused, and allows women to wear stilettos and high heels for longer hours. This procedure is popularly known as stiletto surgery.

To Enhance Toes

Because some women aren't happy about the appearance of their feet in open footwear, they undergo cosmetic surgery to shorten the toes. This procedure is known as a toe tuck. Small segments are sliced from the toes to shorten them. It is a three hour procedure. However, after undergoing this surgery, a person may be unable to walk for several months.

Botox for the Armpits

So, that the sweat glands don't overwork themselves, and send out the wrong signals about one's presence in the room, cosmetic surgeons inject botox into the armpits, that paralyze the sweat glands for a period of six to twelve months. This procedure can even be employed to deal with sweaty palms or feet.

For Shapeless Calves

Several women who believe their calves are too thick and merge into the ankles, may choose liposuction treatment to make the calves and ankles look slender and feminine. This procedure melts the fat cells under the skin and makes it smooth. After this, women sometimes undergo surgery to narrow their feet to fit into slender boots and other slim footwear.

Transplants for Thicker Eyelashes

For women who are sick of using eye make up on a daily basis, this eyelash transplant is the perfect solution. Hair from the head are implanted into the eyelids, which are then trimmed, shaped, and curled to give the appearance of rich, thick, and voluminous eyelashes.
The hair then continue growing on their own, as they are now rooted in the eyelid. Thus, this procedure need not be repeated. However, this procedure may cause a swelling of the eyes for several days.
The list doesn't end here, there is cosmetic dentistry, brow lifts, forehead lifts, jawline reduction surgery and much more. These are the extremes that people now wish to go to, sometimes several at a time to alter their overall appearance, and attain the perfect body they've always only seen or dreamed of.
Remember that if you decide to opt for any of these procedures, the results may be different for you. What Nicole Kidman achieved with a knee lift, may have a different effect on your body. Therefore, first ask yourself if you really need it, and check with your cosmetic surgeon for any side effects of these procedures.