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Eye Exams: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Eyes Checked

Modern Times Sep 6, 2019
Vision problems are becoming more and more prominent and sometimes the only way to ensure that they don’t worsen is to get your eyes checked.
Gone are the days of children being called four-eyes on the playground, as wearing glasses or contacts has now become more fashionable. Getting eye exams is a good way to ensure that your vision is not worsening and there aren’t any other underlying conditions that you are unaware of.

Worsening Vision

Whether you wear glasses or not, your vision could be actively declining. When you don’t wear glasses, this may be easier to notice because things may be blurring a bit. If you catch your vision declining, you can stop it from worsening by getting new glasses or changing your existing lenses.

Screen Protection

With the emergence of the internet, it is hard to run away from screen time. Children and adults are using devices more and more which is causing more strain on vision. There is blue light technology built into lenses that reduces the strain of screens on your vision. The technology blocks the blue light from screens, protecting your eyes from damage.

Eye Strain

Eye strain is a very real problem caused by declining vision. Eye strain can be caused by not wearing your glasses and squinting to see or screens. Eye strain can worsen your vision to the point where you will need a really strong prescription to see. In extreme cases, you’ll need surgery to correct your vision problems.

Complications From Other Diseases

When you have medical conditions, you may unknowingly be at risk for vision-related complications. If you have diabetes for instance, you are at a higher risk for glaucoma. If detected early, this can be treated. Some cancers have been known to cause vision related issues, and there have been cases where an eye exam actually revealed underlying cancer.


Allergies are common and no one thinks of seeing a doctor to relieve the symptoms until it is too late. Eyes become itchy and watery, and rubbing your eyes can cause you to scratch and damage them. If you get an eye exam on the onset of your symptoms, the eye doctor can prescribe medication that will keep you comfortable and your eyes safe.
Your eyes are the key to the true beauty of the outside world. Recently screens have been known to threaten the safety of your vision. The best way to keep your eyes safe is to have your eyes checked regularly.