Fecal Impaction

Fecal Impaction

Lifestyle fixes are the key to get rid of fecal impaction. Use of colon cleansers and enema may also help to restore normal bowel movement.
HealthHearty Staff
Fecal impaction is considered to be a severe form of constipation that requires immediate treatment. Ignoring any form of treatment such as dietary changes, will prompt the doctor to perform an urgent surgery. It is a condition that occurs when a person suffers from persistent constipation. As a result, there is formation of large, hardened mass of waste matter in the large intestine or the rectum, that may completely stop bowel movement.

Often a result of chronic constipation, fecal impaction causes excretion of small amount of fecal matter (watery stools), that somehow makes way from the obstructed passage in the colon. Leading an inactive lifestyle, overuse of medicines such as pain relievers and antidepressants are some of the most common causes of this medical condition.

Signs and Symptoms
  • Stomach pain
  • Constipation (difficulty in bowel movement)
  • Watery stool (diarrhea)
  • Abdominal cramping

In order to encourage regular bowel movement, drinking water in plenty, is essential and will help to provide relief from constipation. In addition to water, other fluids such as fruit juices can also help to relieve constipation. To eliminate hard stools, drinking 8-9 glasses of water is very important. Keeping the body well hydrated, can surely benefit to soften the hardened fecal matter.

Studies have proved that a high fiber diet can immensely contribute to eliminate disorders associated with bowel infrequency. Having plenty of green leafy vegetables such as cabbages as well as dried fruits (prunes), is one of the best ways to loosen the stools, thus allowing allow them to pass easily. Foods such as milk and dairy products, need to be avoided, as the stool becomes hard with intake of these food items.

This is another tool, useful for softening the accumulated mass of stool. Laxatives are substances that can stimulate bowel movement. Mineral oil is a popular laxative that has been used for years to cure constipation.

Enema is a liquid that is directly administered into the rectum via the anus, by using an injection. The liquid that is introduced into the rectum and colon, stimulates bowel movement.

Colon Cleanser
The process of eliminating toxins and other harmful matter is known as colon cleanse. Use of colon cleansers is a powerful remedy to eliminate constipation and is effective for thorough cleaning of intestinal tract. Also known as bowel regulators, colon cleansers containing natural ingredients can definitely assist to flush off the fecal matter stuck up in the colon.

Manual Intervention
In some cases, the aforementioned lifestyle modifications, do not help to remove the obstruction, interfering with bowel evacuation. In such circumstances, the doctor may try to manually extract the large stool. The doctor wears lubricated gloves and directly inserts his finger in the rectum to see whether it is possible to break the accumulated dry mass. This can cause slight discomfort to the patient but many times works to take out the fecal matter.

Anyway, preventing fecal impaction is far better than curing it, right? Following a well-balanced diet, high in fiber, along with plenty of water, is the best way to ensure normal bowel movement and to keep the colon in optimal condition.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.