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Gum Sores

Gum Sores

An awareness about the gum sores in mouth is essential, so that you can exactly know how to get rid of gum sores and prevent any further infection or damage to the gum and tooth. Here, I have discussed the same.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
If you have ever experienced tooth ache, you must be aware of the fact that the pain can be often excruciating. Gum and tooth, though seemingly small parts of the body, can cause complications that may take several months to heal. Almost 80% of the adults in the US suffer from some or the other kind of gum diseases. Poor dental care habits and tooth infections are the prime reasons for the increasing gum problems amongst a large section of the people. Sores on gums can also result due to various medical conditions that have gone unchecked for a considerable time.

An Overview
Occurrence of sores in the gums not only infects the portion of the gum but the infection can even spread to the internal parts of the mouth and in some cases even to the lips. A redness or swelling in the mouth that may look shiny or reddish in color, along with swelling in the gum are the common signs of gum sores. In most of the cases, there will be blood in the mouth, accompanied by small ulcers or sores on the gum.
Here are some causes of sores on gum.

Dental Tissue Neoplasm
There are various tumors that can develop inside the mouth, from the tissues that help in the growth of the teeth. These tumors can cause sores on gum.

A common gum disease, gingivitis leads to the inflammation of the gum, which causes them to become soft, tender and weak. This disease is caused by bacterial infection that occurs due to poor hygiene of the teeth. If left untreated for a long time, it leads to gum sores, bleeding, swelling and causes inflammation of the gum.

Gum Cancer
Gum is nothing but the soft tissues that surround the teeth. An infection in the gum can lead to gum cancer and hence, gum sores. Many people who have the unhealthy habit of chewing tobacco develop mouth cancer, which may lead to gum sores.

If gingivitis is left untreated, it can advance into much painful gum sores called periodontitis. The bacteria in tartar produce toxins and sulfur compounds that destroy the gum and create a space between gum and teeth. The sulfur compounds can cause bad breath and gradually rot away the gum.

In advanced cases of gum sores, there can be pain in the mouth extending to throat area. The person may find it difficult to eat and it may pain when the person tries to eat something. In cases, where the sores are in advanced stages, there will be formation of mucus in the mouth. Since the tooth, mouth and gum all are interconnected, any sores on gum indirectly affect the all the parts of the mouth.

The first step to avoid the possibility of gums sores is to follow hygienic habits like brushing the teeth regularly and flossing the cavities. Proper cleaning of the mouth helps in removal of food particles from the cavities and spaces between teeth and gum, that prevent it from any infections.

During the treatment process and in general lifestyle, one must avoid consumption of excessive alcoholic fluids. Similarly, too much consumption of acidic foods and drinks like coffee or tea can cause harm to the teeth and gum. If after taking all the precautions, you still suffer from gum sores, then visit a dentist in such cases and get to the root cause of the problem.

Gum sores in children are majorly caused due to infection in the gum, especially due to improper brushing of the teeth. Children who eat a lot of chocolates, can also develop problems of tooth decay and tooth pain, that can eventually lead to sores on gums. Children and adults must floss daily as it helps in long-term prevention of dental complications.

Preventive measures are always better to avoid any future complications. It is hence advisable to brush the teeth at least twice a day. It is also vital to learn proper brushing techniques from a dentist. You can check videos on the Internet to actually learn the effective ways to brush your teeth. Besides this step, people suffering from gum sores must avoid spicy food. The focus must be on eating a balanced diet with less acidic foods. Drinking plenty of water and managing stress also helps in reducing the impact of sores.

In severe cases of gum sores, the individual may find it difficult to eat food and so it is recommended to prefer liquid foods that are not acidic in nature as such foods can cause irritation to the gums. Generally, common tooth infections and complications may go after a few weeks or days; however, if the sores persist, it is advisable to visit a dentist for diagnosis and treatment. Gum sores can indicate risks of several diseases and so one must not hesitate to visit a dentist. Healthy gums and tooth eventually have a major role in maintaining our holistic health.