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How Sitting Too Much Can Damage Your Heart Health

Priya Shetty Sep 19, 2019
This story talks about how too much sitting can damage your heart in various ways. As an employee of a company you may tend to sit in the same posture for longer hours, also as a child you may play mobile games for hours sitting in the same position. This may directly or indirectly affect your heart health.
Most of us have employment that require us to sit for lengthy periods of time in the same position. We need to operate, study, work in an office, etc. with our laptops, for long hours, sitting like that.
Too much sitting in the same position can cause more serious problems than we can imagine, in the long run. It can affect our posture and make us more likely to experience heart problems.
When compared, it was discovered that the group who sat for most part of the day was more likely to develop heart disorder even when they ate healthily and had appreciable general practices.

Risks Associated

It should be remembered that not only adults are affected by this issue. Similar problems nowadays are also faced by children and young adults. Their lifestyles are very different from the lifestyles, a couple of years ago.
It is important to ensure that children are not getting addicted to screens, whether mobile phones, screens, computers, video games, laptops. It is important to consult a pediatric cardiologist if a child is suspected of having a heart problem.

Ways to Improve the Condition

While some people have a bad or unhealthy habit to sit all day long, not everyone has it lethargically. There are people whose jobs must be included in the job description for the most part of the day. They have no choice. There are ways to improve the condition in such situations by taking simple precautionary measures that will make health better.

1. Move Around, Go for Walks

If you work at a desk and you have to sit all day, make sure you stop frequently and move around. Take frequent quick walks in the day and ensure regular movement.

2. Sit Straight

When you sit and study in the same position throughout the day, it affects your posture and slugs you down without you realizing it. Check yourself often and keep your spine straight as you might get sluggish.

3. Stretch and Exercise Regularly

Stretch and workout your muscles frequently. Even while sitting for long periods. Get up, move around for a while and then start working again.

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