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How to Relieve Achy Legs

Madhura Pandit May 10, 2019
If you are suffering from a chronic leg pain, you may want to know methods to relieve it. Here, you will find the different remedies and treatment methods to get rid of leg pain immediately.
Pain in legs can be caused due to several reasons, trauma and injury being the most common causes. As leg pain is a broader term, which includes pain in the thighs, pain in knees, calf and even feet and toes. Therefore, any reason that causes pain in any of the following can be referred to as leg pain.
In minor cases, standing for prolonged time, keeping leg in uncomfortable positions while sitting or sleeping, can also cause leg ache. On the other hand, it can also be a symptom of a severe disorder like sciatica, arthritis, ligament sprain, restless leg syndrome or bone fracture.
Suffering from chronic leg pain can hinder our day-to-day activities. Therefore, it is essential to look for quick treatment.

Ways to Relieve Aching Feet

It is essential to determine the exact location and cause of pain before looking for treatment. The best way to relieve achy legs is to consult a doctor and look for proper medications. The doctor will examine the pain and also verify that person's medical history. Treatment will be prescribed depending on it.
There are several self-help methods that can be used for getting rid of the pain. Here are some methods:
  • Rest is considered as one of the best treatment to get rid of pain caused in any part of the body. If leg pain is due to minor causes, one should take proper and complete rest in order to ease the pain. Taking rest can treat pain in any part of the leg.
  • Stretching is another effective method of treating pain caused in the thigh, and calf. If the pain is caused due to lactic acid build up, stretching can be helpful.
  • Another method which has been in practice since long time is using ice or heat packs. Ice pack is usually used to treat swelling and pain in leg. Similarly, a heat pack or a heat rub is also used to get rid of calf or thigh pain. You should remember not to place heat pack on the skin if you have used any ointment, as it can cause burns.
  • If you suffer from pain in toes or feet, you can use Epsom salt bathas it helps in treating pain and inflammation.
  • Swelling can also be treated by covering the affected area with crepe bandage. You can apply a soothing pain reliever ointment and tie the crepe bandage over it.
  • In most cases, leg pain is treated with the help of physical therapy. Physical therapy should be carried out only with the help of a professional.
It is essential to use the right technique and massage to alleviate the pain. Therefore, it is advisable to not to try using physical therapy at home.
  • Lastly, using anti-inflammatory medication is also one of the best ways to treat pain and cramps, caused due to disorders like arthritis. However, it is wise to consult a doctor before opting for medication to avoid side effects.
These methods will surely help in reducing pain in legs. However, it should be noted that not all methods are helpful in every case. As mentioned earlier, it is essential to know the cause and the exact location of the pain before looking for any treatment. Take care!