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Is Bubbly Urine a Sign of Diabetes?

Is Bubbly Urine a Sign of Diabetes? You Should Know This

Do bubbles in ones urine mean that one could have diabetes? If not, then what causes bubbles in urine and is it something that one should be worried about? Continue reading for more information and answers on the same.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
One does not normally look at the toilet bowl after they are done, but when one flushes the commode, one should really have a look. I'm not being gross, I'm just trying to explain to you the importance of doing that. Ones urine is a great indicator of ones health, did you know? Normal urine is either clear or slightly yellow and does not smell. Anything else, and it means that there is something wrong with the body. Of these, urine that is bubbly is a common occurrence. Does bubbly urine mean that something is wrong? Is it a sign of diabetes and if not, why are there bubbles making their way in? It has been studied that though bubbly urine does not necessarily mean that a person has diabetes, there are increased chances of the same if there are bubbles in urine. This fact is important due to the theory that the conditions that lead to bubbles in urine, could be caused by diabetes. In that way it all comes together to say that if a person has bubbly urine, it could be because of diabetes. In this following section, we will go through the causes of bubbly urine and why it comes about.
Bubbly Urine Causes
Before getting to the fact of whether bubbly urine is a sign of being a diabetic or not, and whether bubbly urine and diabetes is connected, we should first understand what the varied causes of bubbly urine are.
Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you use the bathroom after not particularly having consumed too much water, the urine is dark yellow in color and causes for a lot of bubbles as well? This is because the body does not have enough water to produce proper and normal levels of urine and it therefore leads to the formation of bubbles. This will be taken care of when enough water is consumed.
Delayed Urination
When someone uses the bathroom after a very, very long time, it can lead to bubbly urine. This is quite common because there is excessive force when passing the urine and so it leads to bubbles in the urine. If you wait it out, you'll see that the bubbles usually die of their own.
Urinary Tract Infection
The urinary tract is very sensitive to infections and though it is usually clear of any organisms, sometimes the urinary tract does get infected. There are several organisms that could cause an infection as well as could lead to air bubbles in urine.
Another factor that could cause bubbly urine is proteinuria. In this condition, the levels of protein present in the urine far exceed the normal limit. This happens because of an inflamed or damaged glomeruli filter (the function of which is to regulate the levels of protein in the urine). When there is too much protein in the urine it leads to bubbles in the urine. This happens because the protein reacts with the atmospheric air and causes for bubbles to erupt. These do not burst even after being in the toilet bowl for long.
Vesicocolic Fistula
This is another common cause of bubbly urine. In this condition, a connection is formed between the urinary bladder and the colon and causes for a swelling or edema to occur at the base of the bladder. This swelling causes for an accumulation of liquid which forms bubbles as well. It is these bubbles that get released during urination.
Bubbly Urine and Diabetes?
Could bubbles in urine mean that a person is diabetic? There is no clear indication that says so. It has been found that people who have UTI, proteinuria or vesicocolic fistula could also have diabetes and that diabetes might cause these conditions. When a person suffers from any of these conditions, it can definitely lead to bubbles in urine. But this is in no way a hard and fast rule that says that because there are bubbles in urine, it is a confirmed sign of diabetes. Bubbly urine is a direct result of being afflicted by any of these conditions. And these conditions could or might come about as a result of diabetes. So if one is experiencing urination that is constantly laced with bubbles and the bubbles do not seem to pass, then it could be an indication of diabetes. But not necessarily that it is always the case.
Do instances of bubbly urine mean that one has diabetes? It could be and it need not be either. But the fact that cannot be denied is that there are chances of bubbly urine being caused due to diabetes. It is therefore always better to get a urine test done and have it diagnosed by a doctor who will be able to guide you better through the whole ordeal.