Is Coconut Water Good for Diabetics?

Is coconut water good for diabetics? Does it help control their sugar level? Does its intake prove to be beneficial in any other way for diabetics? Let's find out answers to these questions in this article.
Coconut water, that delightful clear liquid extracted from an immature nut, the kernel still green, and the pulp still soft and translucent. Enjoyed as a delectable beverage in tropical islands, coconut water is an extremely healthy drink too. It has a lot of nutritional properties that can help in the treatment of various ailments. Among these nutritional benefits is the control of diabetes. Yes, coconut water is rich in a lot of nutrients that are required by diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels in control. This Buzzle article will highlight some reasons why it is good for diabetics.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only and does not, in any way, intend to replace the advice of a medical expert.

Improves Circulation of Blood

Diabetics can experience some quite discomforting symptoms like numbness in their feet, kidney failure and even loss of vision. All these symptoms are a result of the improper circulation of blood within their body. Coconut water, when consumed has the ability to improve the blood circulation within the body. It helps to widen the blood vessels (which get constricted due to the formation of plaque within them), and thus helps the blood to flow smoothly through them. This, in turn, gives relief from some of the symptoms, and helps to fight against atherosclerosis.

Helps in Weight Control

One important thing that diabetics are always required to keep a watch on, apart from their sugar intake, is their weight. Coconut water has the ability to satiate your hunger, and prevent you from eating in excess. Not just that, it has tremendous nutritional values of minerals, salts, good fats and absolutely no cholesterol. Plus, it's extremely palatable. So you can relish the goodness of a glass of coconut water as a midday snack when your stomach grumbles in hunger.

Increases Rate of Metabolism

Coconut water also has properties that enable a faster metabolic rate in your body. When your metabolic rate increases, your body is digesting and burning the sugar fast. As a consequence, the insulin in the blood is also getting burned faster. This means you have more energy in your body. So, it is a favorable inclusion that diabetics can make in their diet, at least twice a week.

Contains More Fiber and Less Carbs

A generally prescribed diet for diabetics is expected to be low in its carbohydrate content and high in fiber content. This is because carbohydrates are the richest sources of the sugar, that is required to be kept in check for diabetics. Coconut water is the perfect example of a food item that qualifies as a low carb and high fiber one, especially for diabetics. You can enjoy a glass and also indulge yourself in the super soft and delicious flesh of a young coconut.

Contains Vital Nutrients

When you drink coconut water, and your metabolism rate increases (as mentioned above), your blood begins to carry oxygen around the body more efficiently. When your blood has enough oxygen, you have more energy and you can carry out your daily activities with ease. In addition to the above-mentioned uses, it also contains minerals, anti-oxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, etc., all of which are necessary for diabetics to control their sugar level and also their weight.

Those were some of the major advantages that the consumption of coconut water by diabetics can lead to. It is a delicious cold beverage that you can enjoy at any time of the day. However, remember that anything taken in excess can cause problems later on. Drink it in moderation after consulting your doctor and enjoy the many nutritional benefits that it has to offer.