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Itchy Inner Ear

Ujwal Deshmukh Jan 23, 2019
An itchy sensation in the ear that comes and goes shouldn't bother you. But if you feel like giving your ear a good wiggle quite often to relieve an itch, then the problem could be greater than you think.
Has it ever happened to you that your inner year itches a lot, where you cannot help but poke and scratch at it? This condition can be very irritating - if there is some problem that is left untreated, it can turn out to be painful and serious as well, on rare occasions.
But what exactly are the causes of an itchy inner ear? Is it just a lack of regular personal hygiene? Certainly not. It is not as simple as we think.

Why Does Your Ear Itch So Much?

The most common reason for itchiness in the inner ear, is the accumulation of debris that makes up minute dust particles in the ear. Other common causes include:

Skin Issues

Skin disorders can be the cause as one of the prime reasons for an itchy ear. Skin disorders such as eczema, allergic dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis, generally result in itching in the inner ear.


Earwax can lead to many other hearing problems. However, the tendency to clean off natural earwax can lead to dryness, which can further result in itching. Such inner ear dryness starts to accumulate flaky, dead dry skin. These flakes can prove to be itchy once they form.

Allergic Reactions

It is observed that hearing aids in some people have led to an itchy inner ear. This is on account of either the material used (mostly plastic), or the polish on the material of the hearing aid that results in an allergic reaction in the inner portion of the ear. Reactions to dust and pollution are also a cause that is common.

Other Causes

Apart from the aforementioned causes, there are some more that can lead to an itchy inner ear experience. Sometimes the use ear drops, an infection, or the entry of chlorinated water, can cause itching in the inner ear ear. Itchiness, be it in the inner ear or anywhere else, is found to be a psychological problem, for some people.
We unknowingly start scratching and poking the ear when we feel nervous or get lost in our own thoughts.

Solution to the Problem

The treatment to cure an itchy inner ear depends largely upon the underlying cause. If the lack of earwax is the cause for itching, then you can put some drops of vegetable/olive oil into the ear. Earwax build up would help in protecting the ear as well as reducing the itching sensation.
Some people are into the habit of cleaning earwax every now and then, using cotton swabs. For such cases, doctors will advise an ear cleaning schedule, which would drain the excess natural earwax, and at the same time prevent its excess formation.
Using diluted hydrogen peroxide (3%) as part of the cleaning ritual, is a helpful way of ridding one's ear from earwax, without causing damage to the inner ear by using a cotton swab.
For skin problems, doctors will prescribe steroid creams which lower allergic reactions, thus treating the itching sensation. However, the best possible remedy is to follow a proper ear cleaning habit, often (but not too frequently).
Serious cases like an infection or trauma need to be administered by proper medical intervention. So if you have a recurring problem, or there is a lot of pain involved, do not hesitate in getting your ears checked by an ENT specialist, who will determine if the problem is minor or serious and advise treatment accordingly.

Points to Remember:

  • Earwax is generated for a reason. Do not clean the ears to remove earwax too frequently.
  • Do not poke the ear with any sharp or pointy object. Damage can be permanent.
  • Itching is one thing, but pain is another. If there is persistent pain, get yourself checked as soon as possible.
  • Use medication and ear drops only after getting them prescribed by a qualified doctor.
  • Just like you wash your face and hands every time you come you return from outside, make sure you wash your ears too, to prevent dust from accumulating.
An itchy inner ear is not a very serious condition in most cases. However, it should be treated promptly, as constant itching can pose as harmful to the delicate internal tissues and muscles of the ear.
The parts of our body like the ears and the eyes should never be neglected, because they are made up of delicate parts, and any damage to such organs may lead to permanent disablement.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert