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Itchy Rash on Face

An itchy rash on your face, may stress your nerve ends no end. To behold your facial skin wearing red, itchy patches -- not to forget those traces of remorse -- is unpleasant. Here, you, sure, would find the causes, and suggestive remedies to help you sail through this patch(es).
Palmira S
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
Facial rash, perpetually invites chagrin; invariably, creating a chasm for an uneven skin tone. Your face is destitute of a healthful glow. Facial rash is least prejudiced when it comes to plaguing the skin. Be it an infant or adult, it spares none. Nevertheless, there are a number of reasons held responsible for contributing, and thereby, alleviating the menace caused by skin rashes. Frequently considered banal, a facial rash may leave you for a short while, only to crash back on your skin. Most of the time, predominantly during the initial stages, it will just appear as a normal rash that may later intensify, being accompanied with itching, too. There are different kinds of itchy rashes; for instance, in a few cases, you will observe the presence of bumps along with itchy rash, while in some, discharge of pus from the bumps would be observed.
➲ An intensive exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun is one of the major reason why an itchy rash crops up.
➲ Another common cause is a sharp diminution in the temperature. Extreme cold tends to make the facial skin dry, which thus leads to the development of itchy rash on the face. People whose skin is dry, are prone to dry, itchy face rash during the winter season.
➲ If you apply a particular cream to your face that you are allergic to, then it might also lead to the same. In severe cases, it may aggravate, and lead to red and itchy patches on the face.
Psoriasis, a skin disease is also responsible for this skin disorder. It also gives rise to silvery and thick scales.
➲ Eczema is also one of the reason which can give rise to the same. Eczema occurs if the skin becomes extremely dry, and is found sensitive to any chemical.
Hives can also give rise to itchy skin on face. There are mainly two kinds of hives: active hives, and chronic hives.
➲ Another reason which can lead to the same is scabies. Though it hardly affects one; however, when it does, it leads to a lot of irritation; moreover, it heals on its own sweet will.
Lack of a particular nutrient in the body is also responsible for the same.
➲ Your skin may serve an alfresco feast for insects. Their 'injections', at times, are deemed dangerous, in addition to causing skin rashes.
➲ In some cases, it can also occur as a result of a drug reaction.
Days of malevolency may not linger for long, provided you conjure a steadfast resolve to feed your skin with the essentials.
➲ A majority believe that washing the face several times during the day keeps your skin from flaking, and itching. This, indeed, is a delinquent practice. There are quite a number whose perceptions are clouded with a misnomer like this one. Rinsing your face clean twice, or thrice during the day would satisfy the parameters of skin care.
➲ If mental throes, vague restlessness, and nervousness are just about your characteristics, it may spell more harm than could be imagined. Your predisposition to melancholia ad nauseam, may be one connecting factor that induces pangs of itching. Being plagued with endless ennui may lead to compulsive itching episodes as well. Antianxiety medications may well be the remedy to control your anxious demeanor, and successively curb the itching.
➲ Ever paid heed to the temperature of water you use to wash your face? Well, if you haven't, it is time you stop turning a blind eye toward it. Water being stinging hot, or biting cold may make matters worse. If this is the case, have this habit change quarters. To avoid patchy, flaky, and virtually parched skin, you might as well err on the side of caution, and rinse your face with lukewarm water!
➲ An arid skin is what you obtain when you devoid it of adequate hydration. Water constitutes 75% of the total body weight; however, when you fail to meet the requirements of replenishment, you deprive your skin of an essential element. Just treat your skin like a tankard, it would do you a world of good.
➲ Whence selecting a moisturizer reputed to fight the itchy sensation on the face, it is imbroglio that reigns, and certainty, indeed, feigns. In situations such as this one, make way for garnering the advice of a dermatologist. A good moisturizer assays an important role in helping your skin sport a supple and soft feel. Applying a good moisturizer once in the morning, and once during bedtime, makes for an ideal skin care regimen.
➲ Your vanity kit, well, may succumb to its vanity if indolence proves dominant every night before siesta. When you permit your makeup for such 'one-night stands', you, inadvertently, hold your skin from breathing, leading to an itchy skin with dilated pores.
Avoiding skincare products constituting alcohol may control, or even seize episodes of itching, and gaining a healthy glow on your skin.
➲ Moving about when the ☀ shines bright may not prove faithful a proposition for your skin. It may end up ruining the texture of your skin, making the skin on your visage prickly, and inducing itch. A generous serving of sun protection moisturizer for your skin does a good turn to combat itchiness.
With these measures, you may well be on your way to an itch-cum-rash-free face. Relieve your skin of those troublesome rashes, and enjoy that flawless look!
Disclaimer: The article published herein, is meant to accomplish pedagogical purposes only. Though sedulous care has been administered to deliver information in all its appropriateness, and adequacy; we believe, only a dermatologist may fine-tune your condition. Therefore, the information brought to you through this article, by no means, intends to supplant the diagnosis, and advice imparted by the dermatologist.