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Lightheadedness and Fatigue

Ujwal Deshmukh Apr 17, 2019
Read on to understand the causes behind lightheadedness and fatigue occurring at the same time, and otherwise.
Lightheadedness and fatigue is a common ailment experienced by people all around the world. Some encounter these problems together, while others experience them separately. Both the symptoms can be bothersome, and can spoil entire day. Let us have a look at causes and treatment of fatigue and lightheadedness, and also check out the relation between both.

Fatigue and Lightheadedness - What Links them Together?

Here are a few instances when both these symptoms may occur at the same time:

Iron Deficiency: Symptoms in such a case are lightheadedness, fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, and cool feet and hands.

Anxiety / Stress: This condition has symptoms like lightheadedness, fatigue, high blood pressure, sweating, and teeth grinding.
Heart Failure: At such times, the symptoms that occur are lightheadedness, fatigue, insomnia, and night sweating.

Hypertension: The condition of hypertension shows symptoms like lightheadedness, fatigue, headaches, irregular heart beats, and difficulty in getting an erection.
Food Poisoning: Eating contaminated food results in symptoms like lightheadedness, fatigue, stomach pain, blood in stools and fever.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, symptoms observed are lightheadedness, fatigue, swelling of feet and loss of appetite.

Blood Loss: Blood loss due to an injury, besides being painful can also lead to lightheadedness and fatigue.
These were the most common instances when lightheadedness and fatigue are experienced at the same time. Another common instance when both are experienced together is during a heat stroke.


Facts About it

Lightheadedness is a medical condition characterized by an unpleasant feeling of dizziness and weightlessness of the head. A person suffering from lightheadedness will feel that he or she might faint anytime. Lightheadedness occurs in short episodes, however, sometimes severe lightheadedness occurs everyday and lasts for a considerable amount of time.
Now you must be wondering, what causes lightheadedness! The most common reasons for lightheadedness include shortage of blood or oxygen supply to the brain, stress and exertion, dehydration, low blood pressure, fever and diarrhea. In some individuals, anemia and low blood sugar level are also found to be the causes of lightheadedness.
Besides being an independently occurring disorder, lightheadedness is a symptom of stroke, bleeding, shock and many heart problems. It usually shows symptoms like weightlessness of head, a slight headache and feeling faint. But if it is a result of heart problems, stroke, etc., symptoms such as loss of speech, vision problems and chest pain are observed.


Although lightheadedness seems troublesome, there's nothing to be worried about. But what needs to be done? Well, it can be treated with the help of medication and natural remedies too. The treatment for lightheadedness largely depends upon its cause.
Consuming sufficient quantities of water, intravenous fluids, eating sugary food products, and avoiding sudden changes in sitting or standing positions, are some of the remedial measures for lightheadedness. Though, if the problem persists, one should not delay consulting a doctor.


Facts About it

Fatigue is a temporary loss of energy and strength that an individual experiences. Fatigue often leads to tiredness and is a result of overexertion, insufficient rest, and unhealthy eating habits. Though, it can also be a symptom of other medical conditions.
Fatigue is a normal condition experienced by many, however, following some preventive measures can avoid situations of tiredness and exhaustion.


Usually, multivitamins help generate energy and strength. However, see that you consult a specialist in this regard. It is better to prevent fatigue rather than taking medicines.
Some preventive measures that can be taken are sufficient rest, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, consuming plenty of water daily, staying away from addictions such as smoking, alcohol and drugs, regular exercising, and also balancing your work and personal life.
Experiencing fatigue and lightheadedness for a short time is mostly harmless. But if it occurs on a regular basis, a prompt checkup is the best option, in order to diagnose the underlying cause and get related treatment.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.