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Loss of Eyelashes

Girija Shinde May 10, 2019
Loss of eyelashes or madarosis is either congenital or caused due an infection. Provided here is some information regarding the causes of the same.
Eyelashes enhance the beauty of your eyes. Thick and dark lashes make you look more attractive and young. However, for people who are affected by madarosis, this desirable look is difficult to achieve. Although this condition is not life-threatening, it is very frustrating. Also, there are multiple causes that result in this condition.



Hair loss is a very common problem of aging. Just like the hair loss, eyelash loss occurs when the aging process starts.


Blepharitis is a kind of infection wherein people tend to lose their eyelashes. In this condition, itching and swelling of the eyelid occurs. The reason for this infection is the growth of bacteria in the oil glands near the eyelids.


This is a common cause in women. Sometimes, people are not aware of the harmful chemicals that are present in different cosmetics. Therefore, they should always be cautious before using any of the cosmetics even though they belong to a popular brand.
Certain chemicals present in mascaras cause allergies which may lead to the loss of lashes. Women who are allergic to dust should avoid wearing a mascara.

Demodex Folliculorum

This is a parasitic infestation of the eyelids which is caused by mites. Generally these mites are naturally present in the pores of the skin and also on the hair follicles. However, if too many mites get collected in the hair follicles of the eyelids, it can cause the loss of lashes.


This is a psychological disorder wherein people lose control over their impulses. The affected people commonly pull hair from their scalp, eyebrows, or eyelashes.

Alopcia Areata

This is an immune system disorder that causes hair loss. In this condition, all hair on the body or just in one area such as the eyebrows, beard, eyelashes, or scalp fall out.


The loss can also be a side effect of long-term use of certain drugs like anticoagulants, miotics, anti-cholesterol drugs, boric acid, valproic acid, bromocriptine, propranolol, etc.


Lack of nutrients due to improper, imbalanced diet can cause this condition, especially in children.
The treatment depends mainly on the underlying cause. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor to find out the exact reason. He will suggest the treatment accordingly; however, certain measures can be taken like following the right diet, removing the eye makeup before sleeping, keeping dirty hands away from the eyes, etc., to address this problem.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.