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Lump on Back

Lump on Back

The following article will tell you about the reasons that lead to a lump on back and the means by which to correct it. If you've ever faced this problem, them reading the article will do you a lot of good.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Developing a lump on the back is not a common occurrence and needless to say, should never be ignored. A lump or a growth of any kind is an indication that something could be wrong with the body. Many times however, a hard or a soft lump on the back could be nothing serious and certainly not harmful. Yet, to understand this phenomenon better, we shall look through the following article and list out the reasons that could cause a particular lump on the back, the pointers that could indicate its danger and those that prove that it's harmless. Read the following article to know more about the reasons that lead to the growth of lump(s) on the back.


There are several causes and reasons that could lead to a lump on the back. These are some of the ones that you should be looking into and getting checked as soon as possible.

Cysts are unnatural growths that branch out as lumps under the skin and appear on the skin surface. This is an unnatural tissue that looks like a sac and is filled with either gas, pus, liquid or other semi solid material which could be painful or not at all. There are several reasons for the growth of a cyst which vary from infections, genetically inherited conditions, tumors, obstruction in the flow of bodily fluid or other defects. The deal with cysts is that they could be an indication of cancerous cells growing in the body as well. If the cyst has turned to be painful because of the growth of pus in it, then taking a sterile needle to puncture it and draining out the liquid from it is a good way to deal with the pain. If the cyst keeps coming back, it means that there is something wrong and a thorough check up becomes a must to rule out the possibility of cancer.

Lipoma is a soft tissue tumor that is made up of fatty tissues and is usually soft to touch. They are usually painless, benign and smaller than a centimeter in diameter at most times. Sometimes however, they can grow to take on a large form. One can feel the buildup of a lipoma under the skin and if one pushes at it, it exhibits a rubbery texture that can even move around. Since these are usually painless and are not cancerous, there need be nothing to worry about. There is a possibility however that there might be several lipomas that might develop and may not be confined to merely a lump but may branch out to several other body parts like the neck as well.

A lump on your back could be an indication of skin cancer or bone cancer. Check to see if the lump is painful, whether it keeps growing, whether it leads to any other symptoms like fever, influenza or a lowered immune system. If all this is taking place then it could well be the indication of cancer and you need to get it checked at the earliest.

An accident that has led to an injury in the back, like a fracture or a 'slip and fall' incident can leave in its wake a lump in the lower back. When the bone has been hurt and it has caused for the bone to get bent, broken or twisted in a particular way then it requires time to heal. During this time, the lump on back will be present at all times and will begin to disappear as the bone begins to heal. Sometimes though, if the back has sustained very grave injuries that has caused it permanent damage, the lump will be ever present.

It is advised that whenever there is the formation of a lump or lumps on the back, you need to get it checked by a specialist as soon as possible and not ignore it. It could be an indication of some severe underlying condition that could get worse with time and cause permanent damage.