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Night Sweats and Alcohol

Rajib Singha Apr 14, 2019
Could there be any relation between drinking alcohol and sweating at night, or are these two different conditions? Let us know what medical experts have to say about it.
If you drink alcohol regularly and sweat, then know that these two factors could be interrelated. Alcohol does cause perspiration. But how?

How Does Alcohol Cause Night Sweats

It is common to experience night sweats after drinking alcohol, especially people with problems like alcoholism or alcohol abuse. The mechanism through which alcohol triggers the condition has not been identified by experts. However, studies show that night sweats are more common in heavy drinkers than those who kept their drinking to a moderate level.
People experience night sweat attacks not only while they are still in the habit of taking alcohol, but they also suffer from the same, when they try to quit. People who are in the process of quitting or experiencing a withdrawal from drinking alcohol, may continue to perspire heavily, even when they are not drinking.
This incidence of alcohol withdrawal and night sweats may be due to the body's adverse reaction to adjusting itself to the sudden lack or dearth of alcohol, as it may have become used to it.
Night terrors, auditory hallucinations (illusory perception; a common symptom of severe mental disorder) and tremors [an involuntary vibration (as if from illness or fear)] are the other symptoms, which are related to night sweats from alcohol.
Alcohol abuse, when accompanied by night sweats, is a matter of concern and more severe or alarming. So, a doctor's visit becomes a must, when the condition is occurring at a regular basis, your sleep is constantly interrupted, or if you are going through other symptoms such as fever or abnormal weight loss.

What is the Treatment?

The best way to manage night sweats induced by alcohol is to do away with the habit of drinking. Apart from getting rid of the night sweats, it will prevent medical disorders, those related to kidneys and liver being the common ones. Apart from not drinking alcohol, here are some home remedies for night sweats; alcohol or any other factor being the cause.
Tea made from sage, red clover or black cohosh, provide relief from sweating at nights. In case of women, the use of flaxseed oil proves beneficial, as it helps normalize the estrogen levels in the body.
Phytoestrogen is a compound, which also serves as an effective remedy for night sweats. This compound is abundant in soy products such as tofu and soy milk. So, if you are suffering from night sweats, make it a point to add soy products to your diet.
Apart from all these, using evening primrose oil, helps in managing the symptom. The oil is rich in what is known as gamma linoleic acid (GLA) (a fatty acid found primarily in vegetable oils).
Inculcating regular exercise schedule is also an effective tool for managing night sweats. It may not only help with the sweating, but also work on its underlying case. And when exercise is combined with a healthy diet, then there is nothing like it.
Another tip is to maintain a cool atmosphere in your bedroom, and keep it well ventilated. It would be better if you remove extra blankets or sheets, while you are sleeping at night.
It is recommended for people, who suffer from profuse night sweats to sleep wearing loose garments and preferably without their inner wear. However, sleeping with no clothes on, is by far the best method to prevent sweating.