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Numbness in Leg

Charlie S Apr 16, 2019
Numbness is a condition in which a person experience loss of sensation in any part of the body such as the hands, feet, fingers, and toes. Let us discuss the causes of numbness in leg.
Leg numbness is either a temporary condition, which gets cured after a short period of time, or in some other cases, it can be suggestive of some complex medical problems in the person experiencing it. There are many causes of this condition. It usually occurs due to lack of blood supply to an area, compression of nerves, or nerve injury.
Since numbness can be a symptom of an underlying disease or medical condition, you should consult your health care professional if you experience any unusual sensation that last more than a few minutes.


Nerve Compression or Injury

Nerves run throughout our body. Any sort of damage caused to the nerves can cause a numb feeling. In some cases, the nerves suffer from certain kinds of diseases which are also believed to be responsible for the condition of numb feeling in the legs.
The abnormal compression of the nerves, the entrapment of the nerves, peripheral neuropathy, leg paresthesias, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy too are equally responsible for the condition of numbness.
The compression of the nerves can be a result of some kind of disease, trauma, or swelling. It is very important to treat all problems related to nerves in order to avoid this condition. The damage to the nerves can be due to tobacco intake, alcohol, and lead.

Blockage of Arteries

If the blood supply to the leg is insufficient due to the blockages caused in the arteries, this can cause numbness. Polyarteritis nodosa, leprosy, syphilis, and amyloidosis are known to cause this condition as per the findings of the research of many medical professionals.

Other Causes

Apart from the aforementioned causes, excess consumption of alcohol can also lead to a numb feeling in your legs. It can also be the direct result of too much exposure to cold due to affected flow of blood to the concerned leg. Many people experience numbness in the lower leg due to strokes, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and radiation therapy.
If there is any kind of inflammation of the blood vessels in the legs, then the person may suffer from this condition. Tumors in the spinal cord or the brain are known to cause numbness in legs. The intake of certain medicines can also lead to this condition.
Many people experience a temporary feeling of numbness if they remain in a particular position for too long as this can put stress on the legs.

Medical Care

Visit your doctor if you experience numbness after any injury like head or back injury. Don't neglect symptoms like urination problems, problems in making any kind of body movements, consistent feeling of weakness and dizziness. Some people might experience confusion of mind and paralysis. It is necessary to report these conditions to your doctor at once.
The CT scan, X-rays, Electromyography, and MRI are the tests which might be used to diagnose the condition. It is advisable that frequent and intense lack of sensation should be brought to the notice of your doctor immediately. You should follow the instructions of your medical practitioner to recover from this condition fast.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.