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Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

This following information concentrates on the physical therapy that is given for shoulder pain. These exercises will help you target the pain and deal with it effectively.
Rujuta Borkar May 4, 2019
The shoulders are one of the most important parts of our body because the workings of the arm and the complete range of motion depends on the same. When the shoulders suffer an injury, it can affect not only the bone but the muscles as well and lead to varying degrees of pain and discomfort.
The causes of shoulder pain can be several, ranging from injury and trauma to a muscle pull. In any case, carrying forth even the simplest activities when one is suffering from shoulder pain is a real task. That is why there is a need to undertake certain steps to treat the pain and restore the normal range of motion to the shoulder.

Physical Therapy

Of the several conditions that can affect the shoulder and cause pain, frozen shoulder is one. This condition is characterized by a thwarting of the complete range of motion which leads to difficulty in all normal activities of the arms.
Physical therapy will include a wide range of treatment options which are used in a combination to lead to the best results.
These will include - avoiding physical stress and activities that target the shoulder, taking complete rest so that the muscles and/or bones are given a chance to heal.
Using ice and heat packs to minimize the pain and treat the swelling and strain of the muscles, making use of painkillers and muscle pain relaxants so that the pain can be dealt with effectively and starting out on physical therapy exercises.
Exercises for shoulder blade pain are considered the key in these treatment programs. These will not only reduce the inflammation and pain but also restore the normal range of motion in the shoulders and treat the condition well enough. Here, we will look through some of the exercises that are used in physical therapy.

Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Here is a set of exercises that are used for the treatment of shoulder pain and for restoring the action and motion in the shoulders and thereby the arms.

Arm Swing

  • Lie on your stomach and onto the edge of the bed.
  • Drop your arm down as well as the shoulder blade.
  • Relax your arms and especially your neck muscles.
  • Start swinging the arm up and down in a controlled motion. Do not let the pain aggravate by making very heavy actions.
  • Continue swinging slowly and then increase the speed a little, till the point you can bear it.
  • Do not swing the arm and take it more than a 45 degree angle.
  • Start out by swinging for 15 seconds and then take it to a 2 minute duration.

Shoulder Abduction

  • Stand straight and put the hand of the affected shoulder on the opposite side by bending it at the elbow.
  • Keep the elbow at the shoulder level.
  • Now take the other hand and push your elbows to the opposite shoulder. This will raise a slight stretch in your shoulder.
  • Count till 5 and then release.
  • Repeat 10 times in sets of 3.

Shoulder Flexion Exercise

  • Stand straight and take a wooden stick. Place it in both hands, with the palms facing the ground.
  • Now raise the stick over your head by stretching the arms and keeping the arms straight. Make sure that the elbows are not bent either.
  • Count till 5 and bring the hands to the original position.
  • Ensure that you use controlled movements when it comes to swinging the arms or it can aggravate the pain.
These were some of the exercises that can be used in the physical therapy for shoulder pain. For a complete treatment, ensure that you have consulted a therapist who will have studied your condition and will be able to administer the right kind of treatment methods. This will prevent further aggravation and help in faster healing.