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Red Blood Spots Under Skin

Noticing the red blood spots under skin can be a daunting experience. But relax, these are not necessarily as bad as they seem to be. Read on to know more...
Shalu Bhatti
The tiny red blood spots under skin can look scary, but can be due to a non-fatal cause. They occur due to bleeding under the surface of the skin. This may or may not be due to a rupture in a blood vessel. These red blood spots can be either petechiae, which are as tiny as a pinpoint and occur due to damaged blood vessels; or it can be purpura, which is when blood collects under the tissue in the form of large flat areas and appear to be purplish red. Another reason behind the same could be ecchymosis, which is the case when the area of your body is bruised, thereby causing bleeding under the skin. These occurrence of red blood spots can have many causes. These are discussed as under.
Causes of Blood Spots Under the Skin
Obviously, if your body is showing you signs, it means that there is a cause behind it. Mentioned below are some of the known causes of blood spots under the skin.
One of the most common cause of red spots under skin is due to an injury or a trauma. A harsh forceful hit on the body can lead to damaged blood vessels which can create these spots.

Aging makes the skin and the blood vessels more sensitive. The amount of fat in the body is reduced making the skin extremely prone to damage and internal bleeding. If you think aging is the cause, then you must make sure that you protect your skin in every way possible.

Medical Treatments
Certain medicines can also lead to internal bleeding causing red spots under skin. Drugs like Aspirin, anticoagulants, steroids, and antiplatelet medications can be the cause. Apart from this, therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation can also lead to blood spots into the skin.

Certain viral infections in relevance to blood clotting can also be the reason for red blood spots under the skin. Many a time, allergic reactions can also cause such infections, such as in case of allergy caused by consumption of certain medications, which we have already discussed earlier.

Blood clotting and unexplained appearance of purpura and ecchymosis, is also related to leukemia. As discussed already, medical treatments related to it including radiation and chemotherapy can lead to red blood spots beneath the skin surface.

This is a condition where a person has low platelet count in the body, platelets being an important substance present in the blood which helps clotting. This can also be the reason for internal bleeding spots on the skin.

This is a serious blood infection caused due to presence of bacteria. It not only infects the blood but also the lungs, urinary tract, bones, heart, central nervous system and the abdomen of a person. The symptoms include chills, fevers, and also red blood spots under the skin.

Have you been consuming a healthy diet? A balance in the diet, consisting of all the essential minerals and vitamins is necessary. Lack of essential vitamins like Iron, Vitamin K, B12, Folic acid, etc., is also the reason for small red blood spots under skin.

Blood Disorders
Blood disorders and / or clotting disorders such as hemophilia, Von Willebrand's disease can also be the cause. Especially if there is a family history for the same, one should seek immediate medical attention. There are other medical conditions including certain types of cancers, inflammatory diseases, and liver diseases can affect the blood clotting, causing these blood spots to appear under the skin surface.

Autoimmune Disorders
It is a condition that weakens the immune system of a person and tends to destroy the healthy tissues present in the body. As the white blood cells can't identify the harmful tissues and the healthy tissues, the blood vessels are damaged leading to bleeding under the skin.

Other Causes
At times, the tendency to be bruised runs in the family, which is why it could affect certain people more than others. Also, petechiae may be present in some infants during birth.

Most of the time, there is nothing much to worry about. Small disorders or infections can be corrected under proper medical guidance, however, certain cases like leukemia, septicemia, and certain autoimmune disorders can be fatal if avoided. It becomes more important to pay attention if the red spots under skin have never occurred before but are into picture all of a sudden. Also, if you have a family history of the same, it is advisable to get yourself checked. Now that we know what causes tiny red blood spots under the skin, it is best to take necessary measures before things get out of hand. Take care.