Red Bumps on Legs

Red Bumps on Legs

Red bumps on legs is often due to contact with skin irritants or skin problems like hives or folliculitis.
HealthHearty Staff
Small red bumps, sometimes referred to as papules or zits usually occur on the facial and the back area. However, many people show red bumps that are haphazardly scattered on the calf, thighs and the buttocks. Red bumps on legs is bothersome, when the skin condition is accompanied by persistent itching sensation.


Exposure to Skin Irritants
Many people notice skin bumps immediately after shaving. Well, this has been attributed to the constituents that are used in making the shaving cream. Exposure to certain brands of shaving cream can irritate the skin as they contain harsh ingredients. The irritation is likely to trigger tiny red itchy blisters at the site of shaving. Few bathing soaps advertised as skin care products actually contain skin irritants and so their usage can cause red bumps to form on any part of the body.

Small red itchy bumps that remain restricted to specific area such as the arms, calf, feet and ankles could mean the presence of hives. The itchy feeling associated with hives is simply unbearable. Many times, hives appear as itchy blotches on the skin that trigger a stinging sensation, which may subside by using appropriate moisturizers. So, what are the causes of hives? Exposure to allergens that include certain drugs or foods like strawberries are the main culprit behind occurrence of hives.

Keratosis Pilaris
Also referred to as leg acne, this skin problem causes reddish white bumps to appear on the thighs and arms. Keratin, a type of protein is an important constituent of the skin. It does an excellent job of keeping the skin healthy. Keratosis pilaris manifesting as non itchy skin eruptions occurs due to accumulation of keratin in the topmost layer of the skin. Too much of keratin clogs the opening of hair follicle temporarily. When the hair follicles become blocked, it may lead to formation of red bumps on legs.

The term folliculitis refers to the damage of the hair follicles (small sacs that contain the hair root) that normally occurs while shaving. The injured hair follicles fall prey to bacterial infection and cause small pus filled red bumps to appear on the superficial skin.

The infestation of microscopic eight legged creature (scabies) cannot be tolerated by the superficial skin and so it triggers an allergic reaction, leading to the development of small itchy blisters.

Excessive Sweating
Skin rash that is made up of small itchy red bumps can also strike due to excessive sweating on legs. Also, when skin is not cleaned for substantial amount of time, it can cause build up of dead skin cells that block the skin pores. With skin pores getting blocked, the person is bound to suffer from small reddish bumps on the legs.

After diagnosing the cause, appropriate treatment will be suggested. Many times, staying away from the irritants and choosing appropriate skin care products works to eliminate these bumpy structures. On the other hand, scabies is treated with prescription creams containing 5% permethrin. In order to get relief from itching, the doctor may recommend antihistamines (Benadryl ) that has to be taken either orally or applied topically. Use of skin moisturizers like shea butter and putting the blistered area in cold water may also help to relieve itching.