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Red Eye Treatment

Red Eye Treatment
Red eye treatment largely depends on the underlying cause that triggers the condition. This article lists some possible causes and home remedies for bloodshot eyes.
Bidisha Mukherjee
The other name for red eyes is bloodshot eyes. In this condition, the eye appears red and swollen and causes a lot of irritation. It may or may not have any adverse impact on the vision of the eyes. Sometimes the redness occurs only in one eye, while in other cases both eyes may get affected. The reason behind this problem is dilation of the tiny blood vessels that are present on the surface of the eye. The redness of the eyes can vary from mild to severe. Red eye treatment does not depend on the severity of the redness in the eyes.


There are some harmless causes like sleeplessness, eye strain, and eye fatigue. An injury to the eye can be responsible for sudden reddening of the eyes. If the eyes are exposed to allergens or toxic substances, then foreign bodies can irritate the eyes and cause redness. The soft tissues of eyes are susceptible to various infections caused by bacteria and viruses like pink eye, conjunctivitis, or blepharitis. Those who wear contact lenses often suffer from this problem. This happens when there is not enough moisture inside the eyes due to overuse of lenses. Painful red eyes is a symptom of serious eye problems like corneal ulceration, keratitis, etc. When the redness is accompanied by changes in vision, then it could be a matter of concern as such symptoms are often associated with serious eye diseases like glaucoma or corneal edema.


Not all cases of bloodshot eyes may be serious issues. If you are stressed out or your eyes are simply tired due to prolonged use of the computer, then you can treat yourself at home. Take a good amount of rest, make sure to rest your eyes in particular. Splashing some cold water can be helpful for dealing with the itchiness. For better results, add a medicated eye wash solution to the water and use it for washing the eyes. You can prepare a homemade eye wash by adding aloe vera gel and honey in water. Application of ice can bring down the swelling and redness to an extent.

If these home treatments do not bring about a significant relief or in chronic cases, ask an ophthalmologist for further treatment. He/she will be able to diagnose the underlying problem with a proper eye check up, after studying your medical history.

For contact lens-associated treatment, artificial tears are prescribed. These are lubricant eye drops which help to restore the tear film in your eyes. An allergic reaction is controlled with the help of antihistamines which are used as eye drops and oral medicines. In cases of glaucoma, eye gels are used to reduce the pressure within the eyes.

For conjunctivitis, doctors recommend the use of cold and warm compressions alternately throughout the day. A cold compression provides relief from the burning sensation in the eyes, while a warm compression helps to reduce the watery discharge from the eyes. Those who have blepharitis are advised to keep the eyes clean. They should wash their eyelids with warm water and baby shampoo twice a day. In case of severe eye infections, medicated eye drops, pain relieving medicines, and decongestants are used for alleviation of the symptoms.

Eyes are very sensitive organs and therefore it is advised that you do not delay treatment for any reason. Some of the causes of red eye can be prevented with proper eye care. If you have to work on computers for long hours, then take small breaks in between to rest your eyes. Do not touch your eyes with dirty hands. Most importantly, do not try to treat this condition with any over-the-counter eye drops.