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Right Armpit Pain

Pain under the right armpit may occur from several factors. Read on to know more about them...
Rajib Singha Apr 14, 2019
Right armpit pain could be felt as a burning sensation or a pinch. At times you may not be able to feel the affected area as it might go numb, or there might be no numbness at all.

What Does Right Armpit Pain Indicate?

Although there could be innumerable factors behind the armpit pain, here are some of the most common causes as noticed by medical experts.

Cause: Swollen Lymph Nodes/Glands

Characteristic: When your lymph nodes swell up, it means that your body has been invaded by an infection, which could be viral, bacterial or parasitic in nature.
Also, there are chances that some kind of cancer, such as leukemia, or an autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis could be an offender. These nodes are dominant over regions such as the neck, groin and armpit. And one of the symptoms that is exhibited, when they swell, is pain in these areas.

Cause: Diabetes

Characteristic: This disorder is also known to be a responsible factor, but not in the majority of cases. As we know, diabetes raises the level of blood sugar in the body. And if this problem gets untreated, then one of the repercussions could be nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy; occurs mostly in legs and feet.
This occurs when excess glucose starts injuring tiny blood vessels that take care of the nerves. So given this fact, it may happen that one of the nerves in the armpit region gets damaged thus, causing sharp pain in the right underarm, which may occur in the left one as well.

Cause: Muscle strain

Characteristic: A major part of the chest muscle in males is formed by what is known as the pectoralis muscle. In females, the same is located beneath the breast region. People who do not warm up before workouts or cool down post exercise, may cause strain or pull in this muscle. And one of the manifestations of this could be underarm pain.

Cause: Breast cancer

Characteristic: This is one of the major health concerns for women. Armpit pain, in some cases, does occur as a symptom of this ailment. However, in most cases, breast cancer has a reputation of being painless.
If the pain under the armpit area is accompanied by the development of a lump, then there are reasons to worry about. Otherwise, cancer can be ruled out as a possible cause.

Cause: Shingles

Characteristic: If you have had chickenpox earlier in your life, then you are susceptible to develop shingles. After chickenpox resolves, the causal virus lies dormant for several years. And somehow due to some triggering factors, it reactivates and breaks out in the form of shingles.
More often than not, this infection affects one part of the body, and pain is usually the first symptom. And this pain may occur in the armpit including the neck, chest, etc.

Cause: Razor bumps/burns

Characteristic: Among all the causes, this one is the mildest one. As you know, the occurrence of razor bumps is a common scenario that results from improper or hasty shaving. If a hair in the region is cut at an angle, then it usually grows back in an inward direction.
This causes the body to develop a swelling of the injured skin, assuming that the hair is a foreign object trying to penetrate the skin. This is characterized by red bump and pain.
As far as the treatment is concerned, it is influenced by the nature of the cause. And looking at the severity of the cause, it is wise to visit a doctor if you notice your pain getting worse with time.
And this necessity becomes more important if along with the pain, you experience symptoms such as fever, nausea, unintended weight loss, etc. As we said, left or right arm pain is just an indication, it is the underlying cause that should be the reason to worry about, and the target of treatment.