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Role of Artistic Skills in Hair Transplantation in India

Mukul Kumar Dec 07, 2019
Unlike other surgeries, hair transplantation needs extreme and enhanced practice management with medical understanding and surgical precision (artistic & technical). To perform the surgery, it is mandatory for a surgeon to have plastic & cosmetic surgery degree.

Hair Transplant Surgery

The surgeon must have M.S and M.Ch degree with practical experience to fulfil the satisfactory outcome. Hair transplant involves the best understanding of technical and surgical expertise. It must be pre-cleared as to how much area is to be covered and what method to be opted.

Doctors' Criteria

The best hair transplant Doctors in India regularly visit foreign nations to explore the idea as well as deliver their innovative and advanced method of practicing among world’s best surgeons in order to enhance knowledge and skills of the restoration field.

Technical Approach of Restoration Procedure

Shifting of hair roots from one area to another in the scalp is facilitated by transferring the same via extraction method. The extraction method involved in hair transplant/restoration is performed by two methods known as FUT (follicular unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit extraction).

FUT and FUE Hair Transplant

Both techniques are better to harvest the roots, but their feasibility and adaptability are determined by the area to be covered and the state of patient’s baldness. Also, medical condition of the patient is important. However, causes and state of hair loss greatly influence the technique decision in the procedure.