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Here are the Signs of Severe Fatigue You Should Never Overlook

Severe Fatigue
Have you been experiencing extreme tiredness all day long, that you are unable to concentrate on your routine work? Chances are that you can be suffering from severe fatigue. In the following article let us see about the causes, signs and treatment options for this condition...
Marlene Alphonse
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
An extreme feeling of lack of energy, tiredness, and weariness, is severe fatigue. An occasional bout of fatigue is experienced by everyone, as it is the body's natural way of reminding you that it requires sleep and rest. This is normal, but if the body experiences frequent or prolonged episodes, it may be an indication of fatigue. Intense tiredness can be caused by different things like depression, vitamin or iron deficiency, or medication. Though it is normally caused by physical stress, another cause can also be due to emotional stress.

Intense Fatigue Causes

You must remember that fatigue is not triggered by one cause alone. Severe fatigue can affect a person for many reasons and can hamper routine life. Listed below are a few causative factors of this debilitating condition
  • Diseases - People suffering from some kind of sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, etc. are likely to be inclined to getting tired easily. If the body is anemic or there are other chronic conditions like thyroid problems, heart ailments, diabetes and even cancer can lead to fatigue.
  • Work Related Stress - Many researchers have found out that job related stress has become one of the major causes of chronic fatigue. Due to the increase in work pressure and competition, many people are working for longer hours at office in order to complete their work, causing too much stress, which further leads to chronic fatigue. Workplace stress and the feeling of not being able to perform well, can add to the stress and make one feel extremely tired.
  • Psychological Problems - Another most common cause of being excessively tired is psychological problems in life. The loss of a loved one or a divorce and the inability to cope with these situations can make the person go into depression. Studies have shown that depression can end up as feeling extremely tired.
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle - Another reason for experiencing chronic fatigue is, leading an unhealthy lifestyle. People leading a fast life, relying on junk food as their main diet, and not following a proper sleep and exercise regimen, can be affected by intense fatigue. People addicted to smoking, alcohol or drugs are also prone to extreme tiredness.
Extreme Fatigue Symptoms

Also referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome, this condition can drain the body of energy. It can be identified by observing the following signs exhibited by the body.
  • Shortness of Breath - Severe tiredness and shortness of breath are inter-related, as fatigue is a salient indicator that a person is suffering from shortness of breath. The reasons for shortness of breath and fatigue can be due to various infections, asthma, nervous and respiratory disorders or allergies. The general symptoms indicating shortness of breath in an individual are, fever, frequent cough, and pain in the chest.
  • Weakness - Fatigue mostly affects the muscles of the body. When the body is incapable to perform any task like inability to walk, rising from the chair, etc. then it is evident that muscles have become weak. Muscle weakness generally occurs due to sleep disorders, depression, trauma, etc.
  • Vertigo - Vertigo, or whirling sensation is caused when a person suffers from this syndrome. Due to lack of proper rest, the body's equilibrium is disrupted. Other causes are, lack of energy, exhaustion, and dizziness when standing up, etc.
  • Dizziness - Fainting spells or experiencing the feeling that you are going to pass out, is another symptom of being fatigued, and should not be ignored. Dizziness can be one of the symptoms of many conditions. A few common causes of dizziness are low blood pressure, dehydration, heart illness and problems, etc.
  • Palpitations - Heart palpitations are one of the indications. Heartbeats are felt in rapid, fluttering or pounding sensations than the normal beating of the heart. Palpitation causes may have immense stress or anxiety, medication, exercise or even an underlying medical condition as their factors.
Curing Intense Tiredness

You must remember that fatigue is not a disease but a disorder. Treating it is easy, and when it is diagnosed in its early stages, the condition can be controlled before it becomes severe. The doctor may prescribe certain medications that may help in inducing sleep and reducing stress. He may also recommend a change in the diet plan and introduce a sensible exercise program. Practicing yoga, which has some meditation techniques can also help eliminate severe tiredness. Increasing red blood cells in your blood by taking iron rich foods can lower anemia, thereby reducing fatigue.

'Prevention is better than cure' is a popular saying and is very true. So avoid conditions that may cause fatigue, get enough sleep, improve your diet and follow a regular exercise regimen to cure severe fatigue and lead a happy stress-free life.