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Should I get an Allergy Shot?

London Allergy Care and Knowledge Mar 11, 2019
Do you need allergy shots? Why do you need the shots? When to take shots, and how do you understand that you are ready for the shots? There are many such questions that will invade you, as you learn about the effective therapy. This is actually better known as immunotherapy.
Immunotherapy is manipulating with your immune system, where your immune system is boosted with introduction of an allergen in small amount.

This is actually one form of treatment like vaccination, where your body is injected with that element which causes the allergy, but in a very small amount.
When this is done, the body gains power and mechanism to resist the allergen, and thus your symptoms of allergy subside over time, and you get much lesser frequency and intensity of the allergies which gradually diminishes.
Allergy shots are injections generally pushed to your upper arm, and the injection contains a very small portion of the allergen. It may be pollen, or pet dander, or dust, or some chemical etc.
Whatever you are allergic to will be there in the shot in minute amount, which will be pushed in your upper arm just beneath your skin.

And the shots are given quite frequently. Initially you may have to visit your allergy doctor 2-3 times in a week for the first few months.
There are allergy shot tablets which dissolve under the tongue, and you don’t need to get an injection for that.

Both are equally effective, and keep away the allergy from your body.
Allergy shots are needed by those, who have persistent allergy problems and nothing improves the conditions.

If you are also one of them, and have consistent allergies from one or more allergens, and the conditions just do not go away with prolonged medication, various therapies, natural and chemical treatment etc, then it’s time to choose the shots.
The shots are one of the most effective therapies for allergies, where immunotherapy works at a height, and makes you totally adjusted to the allergen slowly. You gradually develop an adjustment with this therapy.

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