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Sore Leg Muscles

Sore Leg Muscles

Relieving sore leg muscles is possible with the help of home remedies. This article will provide further information on the causes and treatment methods for the same.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Similar to back muscles, the muscles in the leg are weight-bearing muscles. Muscle strain can occur due to several reasons. Leg muscles, or more prominently the calf muscles, are highly prone to soreness due to excess exertion.


There may be times when you experience sudden pain in the leg or the calf. Apart from strain and overexertion, there are several other important causes of leg muscle soreness. They include:

Hyperpronation can be defined as the condition that develops when a person has genetically flat feet. Although flat feet is a rare condition, nearly 75% of the population is found to walk with instep or by rolling in their feet. This leads to a lot of strain on their calf muscles which results in tightness. Hyperpronation can also be one of the reasons for sore leg muscles after running.

Sports or Athletics
Overuse of leg muscles for any sports activities can lead to straining of the thigh and leg muscles. On the other hand, participating in any sport activity or indulging in athletics without any preparation or proper training can result muscle soreness.

Charley Horse
Charley horse is defined as the spasm or an injury caused in the calf due to several reasons. Trapping of blood in the muscle and mineral deficiency are the prominent causes of this condition. Charley horse can result into severe pain and even disability for time being.

Apart from these; improper posture while walking, lifting heavy objects or injuries caused due to various reasons are the other common causes of inflamed leg muscles. Soreness in leg muscles after workout or exercise is caused due to loss of minerals and electrolytes due to dehydration.


There are several anti-inflammatory drugs available in the market that help to cure the soreness or the inflammation of the muscles. However, it is recommended to take any drug or medication only on the doctor's recommendation in order to avoid any harmful side effect or allergic reaction. However, before taking any drugs, you can consider going for home remedies to treat soreness in leg muscles. Following are some effective home remedies:
  • One of the first things to do when you experience pain or cramping is to stop doing the activity that has caused it.
  • Secondly, you can place an ice pack or a cold pack on the swollen area. This is the most effective method of treating Charley horse and other causes of muscle soreness.
  • Massaging with creams or pain relieving ointments can also help in easing the pain.
  • Light massage is also one of the excellent means to treat leg muscle soreness.
  • Keeping the leg elevated can even relieve the swelling and pain.
  • Dehydration can be treated by consuming electrolyte containing fluids or IV fluids (in extreme cases).
There are several stretching and leg exercises that help in relieving muscle pain. However, it is not advisable to undertake these exercises without the doctor's advice as, if done wrongly, it can contribute to further injury. Start with slower movements at first and then progress to dynamic movements. This will help relieve sore leg muscle pain. On the contrary, if soreness is followed with other symptoms like excruciating pain and discoloration of the skin, you should consult the doctor for proper medical diagnosis and advice.

As a concluding note, you should remember that injuries to the leg muscles can be avoided to a great extent by following good posture and undertaking regular exercise. This information should not be used in place of doctor's consultation and treatment. Take care!
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