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Sore Neck

Sore Neck

Pain or soreness in neck is usually caused due to straining or overuse of the muscles. Here is a list of potential causes and remedies to get rid of sore and stiff neck.
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Soreness in the neck causes pain and also hinders neck movement. Disorder in muscles of the neck or spine is usually the cause of soreness. In case irritation is accompanied with other symptoms, there can be other potential causes for the same. Take a look.

Whiplash Injury
This disorder is caused due to sudden acceleration and deceleration of force, more commonly from a vehicle accident. Soreness in neck and shoulders, jaw pain, arm pain, neck pain and dizziness, etc. are the prominent symptoms of this condition. Sometimes, psychological symptoms like anxiety, depression or anger are also observed in people suffering from whiplash injury.
Neck Arthritis
Neck arthritis or cervical spondylosis is usually caused due to degeneration of bones or intervertebral discs in the neck. This condition is usually observed in older people; but, it not limited to the same. Young adults can also suffer from it. Stiffness of neck, pain in the base of the skull that radiates to the shoulders and arms are the significant symptoms of neck arthritis.
Posture Problems
One may be unaware, but, an improper posture can lead to symptoms like tenderness, pain, stiffening and a lot of discomfort in neck. Improper posture while sleeping, sitting, exercising, sports activities, etc. can cause neck problems. Sudden strain caused during any physical activity can cause irritation in neck muscles. Improper posture is one of the most common cause of sore neck in children and adults.
Cervical Herniated Disc
Abnormalities in the intervertebral discs present in between two vertebrae cause herniated disc. The soft, jellylike substance in the center of these disc protrudes due to rupture or tear in the disc. Aging is the most prominent cause of cervical herniated disc; as with increasing age, discs lose their elasticity. Along with pain and sore neck; numbness, tingling, weakness in the arm is observed.
Apart from these, meningitis, sinusitis, infection in the spine, injury of any kind, blow, sudden jerk, etc. are the other prominent causes of neck soreness. As the underlying causes are severe, it is advisable to consult the doctor in case severe neck pain is observed.

Taking rest and restricting the movement of neck is the first step to be undertaken in order to ease pain. Secondly, consulting the doctor and getting the condition diagnosed immediately is very essential. Nature of the treatment depends on the symptoms observed and the severity of the condition. Sometimes, physiotherapy may be helpful; and in other cases, medications or surgery may be required. It is also advisable to get the psychological symptoms treated as early as possible to prevent them from turning chronic.
If pain and soreness in the neck is caused due to improper posture, you can go for household remedies as they are very effective. Following are certain measures that can help in getting rid of the pain caused due to minor reasons:
  • As mentioned above, taking rest is the most effective method to treat stiffness in the neck.
  • You can use ice or heat pack, either of it. It is essential to note that ice or heat packs should NOT be used in case you have applied any ointment or lotion to the affected area.
  • Taking over-the-counter pain reliever medications can help in providing relief. However, avoid using any medication in case you are suffering from any chronic disorder; or are unaware of its applicability.
  • You can try moving the neck slowly or massage it gently to get rid of stiffness. It is recommended to avoid any neck exercises or severe massage if you are unaware about the exact method.
  • If the pain and stiffness is so severe that it restricts your head movement, consult a chiropractor or a physiotherapist immediately.
You need to also undertake certain measures to prevent neck pain in future. Neck braces are helpful to keep the neck straight and avoid sudden movement while turning. You should also use a suitable chair, pillow and a bed in order to prevent neck pain.
Disclaimer: This information is meant only for educational purposes. It is recommended to consult the doctor for proper treatment and advice.