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Stomach Acid Pain

Stomach acid pain is common in both men and women. Read on to know more about this pain and the problems related to it.
Avanika Mote Jan 26, 2019
Stomach acid pain occurs due to increase or decrease of stomach acid which is also known as gastric acid.
The medical term for low stomach acidity is 'hypoclorhydria" whereas the stomach that does not produce any acid is termed as "achlorhydria". Basically, our stomach is meant to be acidic, thus it is important that it produces high concentrations of hydrochloric acid (HCl).
When your stomach secretes hydrochloric acid, it simultaneously produces sodium bicarbonate which helps in protecting the lining of the stomach from being damaged by the acid. Therefore, when your stomach does not produce enough HCl, the secretion of sodium bicarbonate is also reduced, which may be a cause of stomach ulcer in the later stages.
Your stomach needs adequate amount of hydrochloric acid to digest proteins and breaking them into smaller molecules which are then digested in the intestinal tract.
Low stomach pain is usually associated with higher probabilities of gastrointestinal problems like h.pylori bacteria which causes stomach ulcers, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea and constipation. Let us deal with the causative factors and treatment options for this stomach problem.

Stomach Acid Problems and Causes

Stomach acid problems are mainly caused due to any imbalance in production of gastric acids required for the digestion of the food. Listed here are some factors which may trigger the unhealthy secretion of stomach acid.
  • The primary cause for stomach acid pain is lack of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for stomach acid production. Bad food habits, eating junk food, ditching the necessary food items like salad and veggies containing fiber, may result in stomach pain.
  • Binge drinking accompanied by no food decreases the water level of your body, which causes severe stomach acidity. Excessive alcohol consumption damages the cells that produce gastric acids, which leads to excess stomach acid pain.
  • Eating heavy foods is also one of the main causes of severe pain. When your stomach produces low levels of hydrochloric acid, it will take a great deal of time to digest any kind of heavy foods like beef or chicken. This may damage the digestive system and will result in stomach acid problems.
  • Bacterial infections or presence of bacteria like Helicobactor pylori suppresses the ability of stomach to produce adequate amount of stomach acids, which results in severe acidity.
  • Other factors include stress and frequent late nights. Stress and anxiety directly affects the production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, that results in severe acidity.

Easy Remedies for Stomach Acid Problems

Ever heard the saying, "Prevention is better than cure?". That exactly applies to stomach acid pain too. A GERD diet is very important for all the patients of this stomach disorder. If you suffer from stomach pain on a regular basis, you should follow the following steps to prevent it from occurring again.
These remedies are easy to follow and you will never face any upset stomach problems with these.
  • Avoid eating large or heavy meals at one time. Eat small and regular meals instead.
  • Keep your dinner light and make sure you keep at least an hour's gap between your dinner and bedtime. Sleeping with a full stomach increases the probability of acid reflux disease.
  • Avoid consuming fatty foods and cut down on junk and fast foods.
  • Always follow a disciplined schedule that includes a proper timing for all your meals.
  • A daily physical activity like a walk for 15-20 min will prove to be highly useful.

Treating Stomach Ache

If you have missed out on the prevention and if you are already suffering from excess stomach acid pain, here are few natural and medical treatments that are sure to help.
  • Consuming a mixture of baking soda with water is the easiest and most effective natural remedies.
  • A mixture of a teaspoon of cumin seeds and a glass of water is widely used in the Indian sub-continent and is highly effective.
  • Buttermilk acts as a soothing drink to that burning stomach and consuming it after meals is a great idea to treat or prevent stomach pain.
  • You can also consider taking an antacid for an immediate relief.
  • Ginger is another useful remedy to cure stomach ache. Simply chew on a small piece of ginger along with some salt about five minutes before taking your meals and pain will stay miles away from you.
  • Adding cloves to your diet will also help your digestive system.
That was a brief medical background on what exactly causes acidity in your stomach. We hope these remedies will help you. Don't waste your day if you are suffering from stomach acid pain. Follow these remedies and fight back!