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Sweating Problems

Ujwal Deshmukh Feb 28, 2019
Sweating is generally considered as good and healthy, but excessive sweating can be very irritating. Here is the list of some common sweating problems.
Sweating is a mechanism by which the body cools itself and regulates its temperature. It is considered to be healthy, and also helps one to lose excessive calories. No wonder, we see a lot of people walking, running, and jogging all the time just to sweat it all out!
Though it is natural to sweat when one is performing some strenuous physical activity, there are some individuals who sweat profusely on their palms, feet, underarms, and the face. These are the characteristic symptoms of a condition called hyperhidrosis.
This condition can occur due to a number of reasons like obesity, stress, overexertion, etc. Although it may not sound like a serious issue, it can turn into a cause of constant embarrassment and awkwardness for the affected individuals.

Contributing Factors

There are several factors that may lead to hyperhidrosis. A few of the causes have been listed below.

► Obesity
► Mental stress and anxiety
► Excessive consumption of caffeine or nicotine
► Hot or humid climatic conditions
► Genetics
► Menstruation
► Menopause
► Severe pain in some area of the body
► Anger or aggression


Here are some natural remedies that could prove beneficial:

On Palms and Feet

While some individuals might sweat on the palms, some experience it on the feet. A simple remedy for this is, to apply some talcum powder on the palms or feet. This would keep them dry.

On the Underarms

For those who sweat profusely in the armpits, one of the common remedies is consumption of sage tea. Having a cup of sage tea everyday, has proven to be very effective for this problem. Another helpful remedy is to apply lemon juice on the armpits before going to bed.

On the Head

Some individuals may start perspiring on the head, as soon as they start walking or running. In fact, some tend to sweat enormously, even when they are not doing any physical activity. This can be prevented by consuming herbs like asparagus and sage.
Vitamin deficiency is another cause of hyperhidrosis. Therefore, providing the body with all the essential nutrients through a healthy diet can prove to be beneficial.

On the Face

Application of aloe vera juice or a clay-based lotion on the face everyday can prove beneficial. Wiping the face with tissue paper is a good way to wipe off the excess sweat and keep the face dry.
Apart from these, it is important to be clean and hygienic at all times. One should also consider wearing comfortable clothing. Tight-fitted clothing may worsen this problem.
It is best to consult a specialist on the matter, if the aforementioned remedies fail to work and the problem persists for a prolonged period. A doctor might be able to identify the underlying cause of this condition after going through one's medical history, and come up with a treatment option which would be best suited for the affected individual.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.