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Tips to Heed for Buying a Good Quality Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard

Debopriya Bose May 12, 2019
Teeth grinding mouth guards are dental devices worn by people who suffer from the problem of teeth grinding. In this article we tell you more about these devices, that protect the teeth from the effects of continuous clenching and rubbing with each other.
Almost all of us have seen boxers wearing mouth guards. These devices are worn to prevent injury to teeth from the heavy blows that these players receive in the game. However, these mouth guards are not limited to just sportspersons. They are also prescribed by dentists to those who suffer from teeth grinding or bruxism.

Types of Mouth Guards

Stock Mouth Protectors

These are ready-made mouth guards to protect teeth from the effects of teeth grinding. They are readily available in departmental stores or in stores that sell sports goods. However, the flip side of these is that they are bulky. Also, since they are ready to wear, one may have a problem with the fit.
These mouth guards often cause difficulty while talking. Some even complain of discomfort in breathing while using them. Despite their easy availability, they are poor performers in providing protection to teeth as compared to the other two types. This is the primary reason that dentists do not recommend the use of these.

Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors

These mouth guards provide a better fit than the previous class. They are made of a thermoplastic material that can be easily molded into shape when they are heated slightly. One has to put this mouth protector in hot water for some time.
After it has become soft, one needs to put it in the mouth and with the help of the tongue and fingers, shape it around the teeth for a perfect fit.

Custom-fitted Mouth Protectors

As the name suggests, these mouth guards are made according the shape of one's teeth. For this, the dentist first takes an impression of one's mouth and teeth. A model of the individual's mouth is made as per the measurements. Then, a specific material is used to mold the mouth guard that fits the individual perfectly.
Needless to say, this procedure involves the services of a dentist or a laboratory, and is very expensive. Despite this fact, custom-fitted mouth protectors are the most comfortable and effective ones as far as protection from teeth grinding is concerned.

Why Use Mouth Guards

In bruxism, an individual clenches one's teeth or grinds those on the upper jaw against those in the lower jaw. One may do this when he is awake and also while he is sleeping. This repetitive rubbing of teeth often causes pain or problems in the jaws, headache, and other teeth problems. With these mouth guards in place, such problems are minimized.

Points to Consider


Since many mouth guards are worn during the night as one sleeps, the fit of these devices is of utmost importance. From this point of view, those that are custom-made are most strongly advised by specialists. They might take a long time to get made and are also more expensive, but they are the most comfortable mouth guards. 
Also, ensure that the mouth guard you go for has a provision that ensures unobstructed breathing while you sleep. You definitely do not want interrupted sleep due to ill fitting and inefficient mouth guards, do you?


Since these devices do not come for free, be sure that you are putting your money to good use. For durability, choose those made from soft but durable plastic. Some varieties are also made from rubber.


As far as construction of these guards are concerned, they are of two types. One is the single wall type, whereas the other is the double wall type. If it is for a night's sleep that you are buying a mouth guard, go for the double wall type.
Grinding mouth guards are of great help when it comes to those who suffer from bruxism. Though there are quite a few options for these mouth guards, some of which are readily available in the market, it is best to refer to a dentist and get those that are custom-made.