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Thigh Numbness Causes

Rajib Singha Apr 23, 2019
There could be several causes behind the onset of thigh numbness or the same in any other part of the body. This stroy helps you understand some of the common causes of the condition.
You feel your thighs have gone numb when you realize that there is little or no sensation in these parts of your body. Experiencing something like this occasionally, must not be a worrisome issue. But when you start feeling such numbness every now and then, you may have something to be tensed about.
The issue becomes more concerning if there are other symptoms accompanying the numbness, like tingling, weakness, burning sensation, or a sharp pain. There could be several causes of thigh numbness, which when treated, resolves the problem. The numbness is triggered by some kind of damage to branch or the network of the nerve that runs through the thighs.

Causal Factors of Numbness in Thighs


Starting off with one of the most common cause, it is type 2 diabetes. This condition, as you must be aware of, raises the blood sugar to dangerous levels. And when this happens, the tiny blood vessels that provide nourishment to the nerves are injured. And this is manifested by numbness in the limbs, burning, and tingling pain.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is another condition that could be an offender. It is an infection that is caused by a bacterium that is transmitted by deer ticks. Aside other complications, this infection can cause neurological problems such as numbness in the limbs, muscle weakness, and brief paralysis of only one side of the face.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a severe and incurable neurological condition of the body, and one of serious causes of numbness in thighs. It destroys the sheath that protects the nerves thus, affecting the relay of communication between the brain and the rest of the body.
And when this happens, one of the repercussions could be the development of numbness and weakness in the limbs on one side of the body, and that includes any one of the thighs as well. To add to this, the thigh may tingle or ache.


One potentially life-threatening cause and a common medical issue is what is known as a stroke. It occurs when the arteries that feed part of the brain develops a blockage thus, cutting off the blood supply. This causes the brain cells to die within minutes. One of the immediate manifestations of stroke is a paralysis of one side of the body.
Apart from a thigh going numb, the entire leg, the hands, the neck region and even the facial area may go numb and senseless. Stroke is usually a medical emergency, and a slight delay in treatment may cost the patient's life.

Blood Vessel Damage

Due to certain reasons, blood vessels may get inflamed, and this cuts off the blood supply to the associated organs and tissues. If untreated, the damage can be severe, and may even cause death. So in this list of the causes, even this condition is included.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Numbness in thighs, when accompanied with pain and a strong feeling of burning sensation, may be associated with peripheral neuropathy, as well.
It refers to nerve damage that may be caused by injury, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, certain viral or bacteria infections, poisoning, autoimmune diseases, etc. And when nerve gets damaged, numbness and weakness are some of the obvious symptoms that may follow.
Treatment plan is focused at diagnosing the underlying cause that is responsible for the numbness. For instance, if you are diabetic, then following a dedicated diet plan, and taking the right medications would help in reducing the numbness, along with other unpleasant symptoms.