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Thigh Pain Causes

Charlie S Apr 16, 2019
Thigh pain is a matter of concern for millions of people around the world. Read on to know more about its cause, symptoms and treatment.
Thigh pain occurs when the openings of the nerves get squeezed due to certain kinds of injuries or swelling. This causes compression of the nerves which are present in our entire body and whose important function is to give the brain the information which is generated by a stimuli.
Our legs consist of a major and very large nerve known as the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, whose compression causes thigh pain along with other problems such as paralysis and dysfunctions of the legs. Many acute and chronic illnesses, strains on the muscles, breaking of bones in the body, infections and diseases are the main causes of this pain.

What Causes Thigh Pain?


The lipomas which generally occur in the areas of the body such as the upper thighs and arms, torso and neck are made from tissues, which are very small and are known to be the causes of thigh pain. The remedy for dealing with the lipomas is undergoing a surgery from your physician.
However, your physician will recommend you to undergo a surgery only if the pain is unbearable and you are also suffering from restricted movement of the concerned body part, infection or foul-smelling.


Sometimes, there occurs an infection in the bones in your thighs and this is known as osteomyelitis, in the medical terminology. Acute osteomyelitis and chronic osteomyelitis are the two types of osteomyelitis which cause pain by affecting the blood flow in thighs.

Ewing's Sarcoma

Teenagers are more prone to Ewing's Sarcoma than the people of other age groups, which causes thigh pain due to the presence of tumors in the body bones in thighs. These tumors of Ewing's Sarcoma are cancerous in nature and may show symptoms such as fever, swelling and bruises.

Septic Arthritis

The septic arthritis is an infection, which can be a result of certain injections, some surgeries and injuries. Septic arthritis or infectious arthritis is known to cause pain in the thigh. The pain can be felt the most while doing activities like walking or running or even while you touch the joints of your body. Septic arthritis is a bacterial infection.


The bones of the human body which are long in length like the pelvis, femur and tibia are the most affected body parts by the cancer known as osteosarcoma. This cancer does cause pain in the thighs and it is felt the most when you do laborious activities, as in the case of septic arthritis.

Some More Causes

  • Hormonal and structural changes during pregnancy
  • Pubis dysfunction
  • Edema
  • Round ligament
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Stiff implants in hip bone after hip replacement
  • rhabdomyosarcoma


  • Pain in groin area
  • Swelling across thighs
  • Burning sensation in thighs
  • Stiffness in thigh muscles
  • Difficulty in thigh movement
  • Pain in outer areas of thighs


The treatment of aims at solving the problem of the compression of the nerves which is the main cause of the pain. Attending pain management sessions and learning pain management techniques is a part of the treatment. You should stop doing too strenuous activities during the course of your treatment.
Doctors may administer corticosteroid prepared injections in case of continuous and severe thigh pain or suggest a surgical measure in some cases.
Hope we have provided you with all the information about the causes of thigh pain. Trust your doctor completely to get out of the problem as early as possible.