Throat Ulcers

Throat Ulcers

Throat ulcers may severely interfere with speaking, eating and even swallowing. If left untreated, this problem can lead to severe health complications. Here we speak of the treatment options for the problem, and it symptoms.
Throat ulcers could be a repercussion of untreated infections of the respiratory tract, or problems such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis. These ulcers may also indicate serious infections caused by the HIV, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes simplex virus or yeast.


Treatment generally involves seeking medical attention, as soon as the symptoms start appearing. Medications may help to curb the progress of the ulcers and any further deterioration of the throat tissues.

# To ease the throat pain, you can make use of warm saline water to gargle, and take some anti-inflammatory prescribed medicines.

# If you are having a difficult time in swallowing food, then taking thicker liquid foods like soups and the like, would be a better option.

# Avoid taking spicy foods or those containing any chemicals or salts. This may worsen the condition and aggravate the painful symptoms.

# To take care of the foul taste and bad breath, you can clean your teeth and mouth more often.

The affected person may recuperate within a span of few weeks or it may even take a month for him to recover fully. Sometimes it may happen that the ulcers recur even after a successful treatment.


The first and most noticeable symptom which may signify that a person has developed throat ulcers is
difficulty in swallowing food
. For some, it might be a mild discomfort, while the condition may make it almost impossible for others to swallow any food, at all. The open cuts of the ulcers generally cause great pain, the moment any food (especially solid food) passes over them.

If you are suffering from throat ulcers, then you may have a check at the ulcers by doing a self inspection of your throat.

Looking at the mirror, open your mouth and flatten your tongue so that you get more visibility of the throat area. Use a flashlight to get a better view. If there are any ulcers present, then you may be able to clearly notice some
white spots on the tonsil area
. These white spots are usually the place where the ulcers are located.

With time, the ulcer tissues secrete pus and take on a gray color, signifying that the cells of the throat are dying.

Due to pus secretion, you may also experience foul taste or breath in your mouth. Other symptoms could be enlarged lymph nodes, fever, cough or nasal congestion.

As said, medical treatment is the only viable option when it comes to curing throat ulcers. Do not cater to the risk of practicing any kind of home remedies without any adequate information or guidance. Prevention of throat ulcers is a difficult prospect. The best you can do is strengthen your immune system. This you can do by inculcating a balanced diet which consists of all the important vitamins and minerals required by the body to ward off infections. Avoiding the onset of throat infections may also contribute to the prevention of these ulcers to some extent and so does shunning habits such as smoking, tobacco chewing, alcohol abuse, etc.