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Throat Ulcer Symptoms

Throat Ulcer Symptoms

Several indicants of throat ulcers help in diagnosing this condition. The symptoms usually vary slightly depending on the underlying cause. Take a look at the probable causes and symptoms.
Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Throat ulcers are one of the most painful conditions that can affect the oral and digestive tract. Many conditions can lead to throat ulcers. These include sexually transmitted diseases, physical trauma to the throat, and idiopathic causes. As there are so many varied causes, symptoms and treatment options will also vary accordingly. Given below are the various symptoms depending on the type of disease causing it.

Throat Ulcers Due to Candidiasis

✔ Candidiasis is a fungal infection that is caused due to Candida albicans. Also known as oral thrush, this condition is mostly seen in people who have low immunity or who are severely immunocompromised, like those suffering from AIDS.

✔ When a person has a throat yeast infection, the ulcer symptoms in throat first appear as a white patch. This white patch may or may not be scrapable, although it is advisable to not scrape it intentionally due to the fear of spread of infection.

✔ If scraped off, it reveals a raw, red, and bleeding surface on the throat. These white spots are usually painful and lead to a burning sensation, especially while swallowing.

Due to Herpes

✔ One of the most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases is herpes. Herpes can be genital or oral in nature.

✔ Oral herpes can spread from the mouth and inner cheek lining to the throat. Herpes in throat leads to symptoms, like blisters near the uvula and soft palate.

✔ If these small blisters burst, then they lead to painful scars that cause a severe burning sensation in the throat.

✔ The person faces severe difficulty in swallowing and so may lose his or her appetite, which in turn could lead to weight loss.

✔ Some general symptoms, like fever, malaise, and headache may also be seen.

Due to Canker Sores

✔ A canker sore on tonsil or throat is said to be one of the most painful conditions that can affect the mouth or oral cavity.

✔ Canker sores are nothing but aphthous ulcers. In this condition, a painful and open sore forms inside the mouth due to a break in the surface of the mucous membrane.

✔ This is a noncontagious condition and the exact cause of it is not yet known. However, many attribute it to a vitamin deficiency.

✔ These ulcers usually lead to symptoms, like a slight burning sensation just before they become visible in the throat. They eventually appear as red spots after which there is a break in the mucous membrane and formation of an open ulcer or sore in the throat.

✔ This ulcer appears as a white or yellow ulcer with inflamed, red-colored borders. The ulcer is very painful and leads to a sharp burning sensation and causes immense pain while swallowing.

Based on the symptoms alone, more often than not, a diagnosis can be done. However, there are times when a detailed history is required and further tests need to be done to reach a final conclusion, only after which a treatment plan can be chalked out. It is best to not take the signs and symptoms of throat ulcer lightly, as the throat is a very strategically placed part of the body. Any infection can easily spread from the throat to digestive tract and the rest of the body. Hence, one must always get this condition diagnosed and treated at the earliest.

Disclaimer: This HealthHearty article is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.