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What Causes Tightness in the Throat and How to Treat It

Mamta Mule Oct 3, 2018
Throat tightness is a health condition that can be caused due to various reasons and leads to extreme discomfort. Here is the detailed information about this throat problem which mentions possible causes, symptoms and simple remedies for fast relief.
Tightness in throat mostly occurs due to a viral infection or due to inflammation of tonsils. If you are suffering from sore throat that is a result of a streptococcal infection, tonsils might get inflamed and a coating grows over the tonsils further causing throat tightness.
In this condition you may also experience high temperature. Streptococcus pyogenes release bacterial toxins which have an ability to infect various parts of the throat.

Information about Throat Tightness


Apart from a streptococcal infection, overuse is most common cause of tightness in throat. Talking and eating, which we do everyday, puts the throat and jaw muscles into use and the same can lead to pain in this region. Food allergy leads to various health problems. You would possibly experience tightness in you throat as a response to food allergens.
This type of condition is often accompanied by problem while breathing. Remember that throat tightness is not always a symptom of some disorder, but it can also be an indication of mineral or vitamin deficiency.


As mentioned earlier, there are various causes of throat infection. In case of viral infection, you will experience inflammation and discomfort in throat. This will also result in change of voice tone and cause severe pain in throat.
Due to this infection, an individual will also experience other health problems like headache, swollen lymph glands, muscle aches and pain in the neck. Further, tonsils will also turn bright red and swollen. If young children are infection, they often fall sick due to extreme pain.
Difficulty while speaking and swallowing food is much common along with throat discomfort. Sometimes the roof of mouth gets swollen with red spots all over and this also leads to bad breath.


The diagnosis of tightness in throat starts with physical examination of throat. Doctor will try to find out whether the patient has contracted this infection from someone else. Further, patient may have to undergo some laboratory tests in order to check whether he/she has strep throat. Tests ascertain and help confirm exact health condition.
These tests will show which type of bacteria is present in throat. Test report helps decide the right course of treatment for curing the throat problem. Throat tightness is often mis-diagnosed as gastric reflux or anxiety. Understanding the basic cause of throat tightness, inflammation or discomfort is essential and accordingly medications are prescribed.

Remedies and Precautions

Avoid close contact with people who are suffering from strep throat.

► Do not share the glass for drinking water or any other drinks.

► Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water
► Consuming fresh fruit juices is also helpful.
► Eat a balanced diet. Make sure that you strictly avoid intake of oily foods as much as possible. Even packaged fried foods must be avoided while suffering from throat problem
► Gargle with warm salty water at least 3-4 times a day. Add a tsp. of salt to a glass of warm water and stir well. This is very effective remedy for throat tightness problem.

► Avoid smoking while you are experiencing tightness in throat.
► Relaxation techniques like deep breathing can help.
► Having a tsp. of honey twice a day is much beneficial in relieving throat discomfort. You can also add honey to hot water and consume it slowly.
If you are experiencing throat discomfort, opt for the simple home remedies immediately. If the problem still persists or increases make sure you visit a reputed doctor to get the problem diagnosed properly.
Remember, you must not ignore the problem and continue home remedies even if the condition does not improve. Also, following the prescribed treatment properly is essential to get fast relief from this problem.