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Toe Pain Causes

There are number of toe pain causes. Some of them have visible symptoms, which can easily be identified.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Foot pain is a very common type of pain, as most people may experience it at least once during their lifetime. It can occur in any part of the foot including the toes, the ball of the foot, the arch of the foot, sole, heel, the ankle or the instep. Its occurrence increases with age. Some of the important toe pain causes are given below so that you get a general idea of what this pain is and how it can be treated.
To find the reasons behind this pain, you need to undergo some steps. The first step is to check if you can see any signs of injury on the toe, this will help in finding the most obvious cause. You may want to try walking barefoot or with well-fitting shoes. This will help to find out if the pain is caused due to ill-fitting footwear.
One of the most prominent reasons is the presence of corn. Corn is nothing but a type of toe callus, which develops because of repetitive friction. The corns have a core, which often exert pressure on the nerves, which causes intense pain. This pressure is due to ill-fitting shoes or socks, which are too tight for comfort. To prevent this, it is recommended that you wear proper fitting shoes and wear small pads that will absorb friction.
Ingrown Nail
You may want to check the toe for change in skin or toenail color. The small and middle toe pain can be related to an ingrown nail. You will also have to check for redness, swelling, or soreness on one or both sides of the nail. Damage to a nerve in the foot can also be a reason.
Quite a few times, the pain may be related to bone fracture or broken bone. You will have to check its alignment and notice if there are any changes. Trauma caused due to dropping a heavy object on the toes or due to repeated pressure or stress is a possible reason. It is recommended that a physician be consulted for the misalignment. In case the bone is broken, it is imperative that the bone is set in its place, else it can impede the bone's ability to heal properly.
One of the big reasons of this condition can be hallux rigidus, which is a degenerative form of arthritis. This can be caused due to a history of repeated sports injuries. This can cause a significant amount of discomfort and may also have an impact on the ability to walk. It can also be accompanied by pain in the lower back.
Apart from the mentioned reasons, gout, a form of arthritis can also be a major reason. This arthritis is caused due to formation of uric acid crystals , which form on connective tissue or in the synovial fluid. This is the fluid that is responsible for cushioning the joints. These crystals are very sharp and may often cause acute inflammatory process, which causes pain. An attack of gout often starts with severe and sudden pain in the big toe.
The treatment depends on the causes. Normally, anti-inflammatory medicines may be used. If the pain is severe, pain killers can also be used. However, it is better to seek medical help and evaluate the condition to avoid any further complications.
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