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Tooth Pain After Root Canal

Ratnashri Dutta Apr 7, 2019
Suffering from severe tooth pain after a root canal? Here are the various causes of this condition and some easy tips to get rid of this pain. Maintaining proper oral care and food habits is the best way to counter this problem.
Tooth problems, even a few years back, were a thing for the old and the aged, but nowadays, you even see kids suffering from tooth decay and having to undergo a root canal or even tooth extractions, at a very young age.
The pain that the person undergoes after these procedures is bad. However, a problem arises when several people face tooth pain after root canal. Why does that happen? What can be done to treat it? Well that is what we are going to learn now.


Sometimes when your teeth aches, it hurts a lot; especially after a root canal. To ease the pain, the dentists give you some analgesics. The process of root canal is undergone in order to kill the bacteria that are destroying the teeth and save the tooth from further decay.
Due to the bacterial infection, the pulp of the tooth starts decaying. Hence, with the help of this process, the canals are cleaned up.
Some of us experience tooth pain after root canal treatment, because the bacteria which are now dying inside the treated tooth, release a toxin just before they expire. It is this toxin which causes pain after the procedure. The second cause might be the healing process which is going on after the treatment.
If the tooth had been infected badly before the treatment, then the time taken by the tooth to heal, is longer. The pain can either be moderate or severe depending on how serious the infection was.
One might also experience a slight pain in the treated tooth while eating from that side. This could be due to the food particles disrupting the healing process. Talk to your dentist when this happens and avoid eating from that side.
Another reason for the pain after the treatment is that although the infected nerves have been removed, the nerves which are surrounding the area outside the tooth are affected due the infection, and thus the pain.

Avoiding the Pain

When this pain occurs, the first thing that you have to do is inform your dentist. They will give you an analgesic to ease the problem. Also, avoid eating anything too hot, cold, or hard from that side, as this might aggravate the condition further.
If there is any swelling, then the dentist might give you ibuprofen to treat it. A drop of clove oil, on the affected area is also great for getting rid of the pain.
Avoid eating anything from that side, before the dentist fits the cap. The area is soft and the temporary filling that is present for the time being, might come out and the food particles might enter the canal and start decaying, thus causing the pain, therefore avoid eating anything at all from that side.
Now, you know what are the various causes and also how one can avoid the pain. If your dentist asks you to undergo this treatment, then go ahead and do it before things get worse. If the pain becomes severe, immediately inform your dentist. Do not ignore it. So be brave and go get your treatment done.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.