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Vitamins and Substances That Will Improve Your Health

What extra substances can help your health the most
Paisley Hansen Dec 12, 2019
Just like water and air are vital for living, so are minerals and vitamins. They not only keep your body functional and healthy, but they also safeguard you from a range of diseases. Vitamins and minerals perform many roles in the body. Eat a healthy diet to get sufficient nutrients and minerals.

What Are Minerals & Vitamins?

Minerals and vitamins help your body to function correctly. Although you consume various foods every day, other foods have more minerals and vitamins as compared to others. Most people do not know the difference between minerals and vitamins. Vitamins are organic substances that are produced by animals or plants.
Vitamins are vital and derived from food or food supplements since the body does not synthesize them. Additionally, minerals are elements that are inorganic and originate from water, soil, or rocks. Furthermore, You can get minerals when you consume foods from plants that have absorbed the minerals from the earth or take the food supplements.

Categories of Functions of Vitamins

There are two categories of vitamins, water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. The fat-soluble vitamins include vitamins K, E, D, and A. These vitamins can dissolve in fats and get stored by the body. The water-soluble vitamins include the complex B vitamins (biotin, niacin, thiamin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6) and vitamin C.
For the water-soluble vitamins to get absorbed by your body, they need to dissolve in water. Additionally, the body cannot store water-soluble vitamins. The water-soluble vitamins circulate the body and are filtered and excreted through the liver.
There are various water-soluble vitamins, and each performs a different function. Majority of the complex B-vitamins aid in the release of energy from the consumed food in the body. Some complex B vitamins such as biotin, pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin are engaged in the production of energy.
Folic acid, vitamins B12, and B6 help in cell multiplication and metabolizes amino acids. Additionally, vitamin C helps in making collagen, a substance that forms the base for bones and teeth supports blood vessels and helps in the healing process. When consuming the water-soluble vitamins, take little amounts as large amounts may be harmful to you.
The fat-soluble vitamins get transported in the body through proteins. The fat-soluble vitamins include vitamins K, E, D, and A. Vitamins K, D, and A aid in the formation of bones, while vitamin A protects your vision and offers support in keeping the cell healthy.
Concurrently, vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps in the absorption and storage of vitamin A.
Because your body can store these fat-soluble vitamins for long periods, the building up of toxic levels can be encouraged in your body organs.

Categories & Functions of Minerals

The major minerals are stored in large amounts by your body. The major minerals are more vital to your health as compared to the trace minerals. When you have massive amounts of one mineral, you will be deficient in another. The imbalance gets caused when you consume food supplements.
When too much sodium gets ingested, you could lose the calcium that you need. Your body combines calcium with excess sodium in your body and is excreted by your body when there are large amounts of sodium in your body.
Thus, you may lose the needed calcium in the excretion process. When you consume excess phosphorus, you will lower your body’s ability to absorb magnesium.
The trace minerals are also vital to your body. Fluoride prevents tooth decay and strengthens your bones, while iron aids in ferrying oxygen in your body. Furthermore, zinc aids in blood clotting and is vital in smell and taste while bolstering the response of your immune.
Additionally, copper helps in the formation of several essential enzymes. These enzymes aid in the creation of hemoglobin and iron metabolism.
Consuming the right amounts of vitamins and minerals will aid in keeping your body healthy.